Congratulations. You have just unwrapped a new Android phone. I do understand there is nothing like that new phone feeling. Before jumping into downloading the apps, I would suggest you here what to do with your new Android phone.
This article gives you 6 tips you should do with your new Android Phone. These tips will help you to set up your new Android mobile, easy to use and give you a fully functional phone.

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What to do with your new Android phone – 6 Tips you should do with your new Android Phone

What to do with your new android phone
What to do with your new android phone

1. Use a password

Yes. No excuses here. You should protect your phone with a password. A pattern lock is the best. Fingerprints and PINs are considered to be medium to high security, and a full-on password is best.

2. Sign up into your mobile manufacturer’s App Store

All stuff is available in the app store which is pretty easy to use and keep your android phone updated.

3. Turn off those blasted sound effects

We go through this every time Android new phone releases. This blasted sound beeps anytime you touch it. Any time you unlock it. Not only making noise, consuming more battery power.

4. Pop in an SD card

As you start installing more applications, hence space can become very tight. So, a little external storage may be in order. Just keep in mind, however, that SD cards don’t work the same in Android 4.4 as they did in previous versions.

5. Ensure you get all the plastic off the phone

It’s not like all Android phones are being plastic. But it is a cautionary tale about how much removable plastic Android phone uses to keep the phone in pristine condition until you’re ready to use it. That includes a damned-near invisible piece over the camera lens.

6. Get into Google’s Cloud

No smartphone is on an island; the majority of Android handsets are tied to a Google account. While it is possible to run an Android device without logging on to Mountain View’s services, the assumption from the first-party apps (and many third-party apps) is that using Android means you are using Google.

Setting up your Google account gives you immediate access to your Gmail, Contacts, and Calendar appointments on your handset with no more setting up required. You’ll also be able to back up your smartphone to the Google Account, and photos can be set to back up to your Google account as they are taken.

Also  your Google Account is used to identify yourself to the Google Play App store for downloading and purchasing applications and games. This will also be set up with your details.

I hope this article will help you to set up new Android phone.