What is Microsoft windows 10 release date

When will microsoft windows 10 be released – What is Microsoft Windows 10 release date-Microsoft Windows 10 release date

When will microsoft windows 10 be released and what is the features, preview, download and price?  Microsoft started sending out invites to its second Windows 10 event. This event will be held on January 21st 2015.
Windows 10 will be our most comprehensive platform ever,” Microsoft’s Windows head, Terry Myerson said in launching the update. He added: “We’re delivering one application platform.

Although Microsoft has already detailed many new Windows 10 features, much mystery still environs certain fundamentals of the update. The event will also be live streamed; meaning those who are not invited can watch Microsoft unveil these new features from the comfort of their own homes.

what is microsoft windows 10 release date
what is microsoft windows 10 release date

What is Windows 10 Features?

Windows 10 is a pretty big renovation Microsoft releases. There are heaps of new features in tow, including universal Windows 10 apps, desktop-based Cortana AI. The outrage subsided slightly with the addition of a pseudo-Start Menu in Windows 8.1, but it still left many hungering for a full-fledged return to days of Start Menu.

Fortunately, Microsoft has revamped the classic Start Menu, albeit with a sprinkling of Windows 8. The new Start Menu returns to its old bottom-left stomping ground, this time with Metro-style live tiles on show. It’s also much wider and, thankfully, re-sizable, should its new girth not be to your tastes.

For the display part there is also a heavy focus on improved touch integration. Microsoft has promised to evolve its touch UI, guaranteeing us more intuitive features without completely abandoning its current touch flavor.

what is microsoft windows 10 release date
what is microsoft windows 10 release date

Windows Apps Run On All

With Windows 10, any app available from the Windows Store will work on any and all devices. That means that you can have the same set of apps on your phone, desktop and tablet.

Task -View Brings expose-Style Mode to Windows.

Multiple Desktops.

Snap Enhancements.

Return of the Start menu.

One OS – Many Devices.

Watch the Windows 10 preview video


Though there were rumors that the operating system will provide free upgrade to Windows. Microsoft certainly didn’t say that in its announcement. In fact, it made no mention of price at all. This leads us to believe that there will be a similar desktop pricing structure as currently exists. That means roughly £70 for a single user home license. Although Microsoft may still surprise us !

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