Use WhatsApp on Desktop Soon – WhatsApp on Desktop

Use WhatsApp on Desktop Soon – You may soon use WhatsApp on desktop

WhatsApp is an unavoidable messenger service in all Smartphones. Everyone likes to use this tremendous messenger app on the Desktop too. It may happen shortly that web users will use WhatsApp on Desktop Soon.

Android World suggest that the famous messaging service “WhatsApp” might be working secretly to launch the web version of the app. This web version may make this possible to use WhatsApp on Desktop soon. The report followed Pavel Durov’s who is the Co-founder of rival messaging app Telegram.

Use WhatsApp on Desktop Soon
Use WhatsApp on Desktop Soon

WhatsApp update (v2.11.471)

A recent WhatsApp update has mentioned “WhatsApp Web” within its code (may be hidden code). Also, the code mentioned as references to logging in and logging out of the computers. Also, it shows tracking users positions online.
There is still no official word / announcement from WhatsApp. So all this may be rumor so far. As we know that WhatsApp has a larger user base of over 600 million active users.

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