You may think why we need a Digital Camera as all Smartphones have Camera in-built. We should not compare the pictures taken by a Digital Camera with the mobile / phone Camera.

Shooting conditions are always strange when even the best phone cameras don’t work all that well. For example, you want to click in a dimly-lit restaurant while enjoying dinner with your family. I’m sure that the smartphone won’t give you the exact result.

tips for buying a digital camera
Tips to buy a digital camera

Tips for buying a digital camera

Below are the best tips for buying a digital camera for personal and professional use.

Image Sensors

Always go for a Camera that has bigger image sensors. Despite their size, the big bridge cameras don’s use a bigger image sensor. Most of them use 1/2.3 image sensors. Combined with a long zoom lens, which is typically not so good for image quality, these cameras are low values for money.


Lens is the Key part of the Camera. Camera lenses with lower F value (lens with F1.8 is likely to be really good and is a better option than a lens with F2.8) are generally better. The lower F value in a lens also means that you will be able to shoot in lower light. For example, a camera with F1.8 lens will allow you to shoot and take an image in a dimly-lit restaurant and while a camera with F3.5 or F4 won’t.

Cameras with fixed focus lenses, like the Fujifilm X100S, have better image quality than the cameras with zoom lenses such as RX 100 III. This is because fixed focus lenses usually have better optical performance. The world’s sharpest lenses used by professional photographers all have fixed focus length.

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Battery is the heart of a Camera. Always go for a camera that uses lithium batteries and not AA/AAA batteries.


Zoom is overrated. Prefer image quality over zoom. Features like 80X optical zoom, when used with a tiny image sensor are useless. In a compact camera, 4X to 5X zoom is more than enough. Bigger zoom when used with a small image sensor and poor lenses (something that is likely in low price cameras) will lead to poor image quality.

Megapixels are also overrated. If your camera shoots more than 10-megapixel images, it is more than enough. Using a camera flash light can both broaden the scope and enhance the appearance of your photographic subjects.

ISO setting allows the camera to click better images in low light. But it is also overrated. Unless your camera has a really large image sensor and a speedy processor, it will click very noisy images if you go above ISO of 1600. That’s why I don’t get swayed by the big numbers.

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