Are you looking for the best ways to earn money from online survey jobs in India? Here is the list of best online survey sites to join for free and earn extra income from home. Keep in mind survey websites are not a get rich program, you can earn some extra money from paid surveys in India.

Joining in a single survey site, will not help you at all. If you want to make some decent money from Indian survey jobs then you should join at least 5-6 survey sites from India to make some decent money out of it.

If you’re ready to spend at least 2-3 hours in a day then I’m sure that you can earn a minimum Rs. 9000 to Rs.10, 000 per month. However, many people from India are making over Rs.30,000 per month from the survey jobs.

The survey earnings are based on the survey panel you join, time spent on survey jobs, length of the survey program, Geo location of the survey questions and more. However, completing more surveys helps you to make more money from the survey sites. You can make money for living from online survey jobs in India.

What is Online Survey Jobs and how it works?

No business is ready to launch its new product in the market without testing it. Before spending millions of dollars for the production, the product companies want to know how people will like their products.

Market Research” comes into the picture now. Big companies spend millions of dollars before launching their product in the market with the help of survey companies about their products.

The market research helps the product companies to know the taste of the target people. Based on the people’s taste and interest, the product companies will produce the products accordingly.

There are many market research firms that help the product companies with their huge member’s database who give their product opinions and feedback.

How Online Survey Works?

Here is a simple flowchart to know how online survey jobs work and you can make money from survey jobs.

  • Product companies like to promote and improve their products.
  • Now the product companies will contact the survey companies or survey sites or survey panels. The survey panel will form some set of questions about the products or services.
  • If you want to make money from survey jobs then you need to register with the survey panel in order to earn from paid surveys.
  • Complete the survey registration with the correct details to start with surveys. You’ll receive the survey jobs to earn money based on the information you provide in the survey registration.
  • Login the survey panel on a regular basis to check for new survey jobs to complete.
  • You can earn at least $1 to $15 based on the survey question and length of the survey program.
  • You’ll receive your survey earnings to your bank account through PayPal or Check.
how survey job works
how survey job works

How much I can earn from online survey jobs in India?

Your survey earnings will be based on many factors like, your interest, number of surveys you complete, the length of the surveys and more. However, if you register at least 5 – 6 survey sites then you can make at least Rs. 10,000 – Rs. 15,000 per month.

Online Survey Jobs in India
Online Survey Jobs in India

15 Best Online Survey Jobs in India

Below is the list of top paying online survey sites for completing survey jobs online. All these survey sites are completely free to join and make money from your home comfort.

There are many survey job sites in India that offer survey jobs to earn money from opinion and feedback. However, there are many scam survey sites that cheat innocent people through several ways. We’ve researched and tested many survey sites for Indian members to make some extra cash.

Top Paid Online Survey Sites in India

Let’s check a few best survey sites to make money from survey jobs.

1. ySense

I would highly recommend ySense for online survey jobs, as it offers several ways to earn money. ySense is the popular and number one survey site for Indians to make some extra income in free time. There are many ways to make money from ySense like,

  • Paid surveys
  • Cash offers
  • ySense Referral Program

I’m making regular income from ySense every month. Below is my proof of earnings from ySense.

There are many people from India already making regular income from ySense. I would strongly suggest you to join ySense to earn money from online survey jobs in India.

Join ySense

2. NeoBux

Neobux is one of the popular ptc sites to make money for doing simple tasks online. There are many Indians who are already registered with neobux and earn out of it.

One of the famous survey sites in India is Neobux. You can join Neobux through free registration. There are several ways to earn money from Neobux easily.

  • Viewing Ads
  • Neobux referral program
  • Complete offers
  • Complete marketing survey jobs

You can get your survey earnings through PayPal, Skrill, AirTm, Cryptocurrency and more.

Join Neobux

3. PrizeRebel

One of the best survey sites in India is “PrizeRebel” which offers multiple ways to earn money online. Many people from India make at least $150 to $200 per month from PrizeRebel.

How to make money from PrizeRebel?

You can make money from PrizeRebel through online survey jobs for India, completing offers and PrizeRebel referral programs.

Join PrizeRebel

4. Toluna

Toluna has become one of the most trusted survey sites in the world. Especially, helps to make money from survey jobs for India. It’s a popular survey site where you can follow people and many people will follow you and even you can post your message on their wall. One of the famous online survey jobs in India is Toluna.

You can create polls and topics. You’ll get consistent survey jobs for Indian on a regular basis in your mail inbox.

Ways to make money from Toluna India:

  • Participate on paid surveys or profile surveys
  • Create polls and topics (through quality content)
  • Refer others to join Toluna India.

Indians can withdraw their survey earnings from Toluna through PayPal, Amazon Gift vouchers, Shopper Stop and more.

Join Toluna India

5. Valued Opinions

The leading online fieldwork firm “Research Now Limited” owns “ValuedOpinions” Survey Company. There are many survey jobs for Indians help to earn regular income from valued opinions survey programs.

Based on the information you’ve provided during the survey registration, you’ll get the survey category to your email id.

You’ll get INR 40- INR 60 per survey you complete. You survey earnings will be added in your account within 28 days.

You may receive your survey earnings from India through FlipKart and Amazon Gift Cards.

Join ValuedOpinions Survey Job for India.

6. iPanelOnline

iPanel Online survey company is one of the top 10 Asian sample companies in the world. Joining iPanelOnline is completely free. It’s one of the favorite survey sites for Indians.

As a member, you’ll earn instant points (1-100) when you complete the survey, 1 point = 1 INR. The best part of the iPanel Online Indian survey panel is, you’ll earn 1 point everyday for login and 1 point for publishing your opinion.

You can get your survey earnings through PayPal and Gadgets.

Join IpanelOnline

7. Swagbucks

One of the popular survey sites Swagbucks is run by “Prodege“. It offers many micro tasks for its members to earn money. In Swagbucks, your earnings will be calculated as “Swag Bucks (SB)”.

Many Indians are making money from swagbucks and anyone from any part of the world can be joined with Swagbucks and earn money.

What are the jobs available on Swagbucks to make money?

  • Taking surveys
  • Playing games
  • Watching TV
  • Searching on the Web
  • Online shopping and more.

Once you’ve crossed the minimum threshold 700SB then you’re good to withdraw your Swagbucks earnings to your bank account through PayPal account. 700SB would be equal to $5. There is no limitation to earn from swagbucks. There are many online survey jobs in India from swagbucks survey site.

You can withdraw your Swagbucks earnings via PayPal, game cards, gadgets and gift vouchers.

Join Swagbucks

8. CashCrate

One of the oldest survey sites for India is “CashCrate“. It has over 2 million members it has paid over $3,910,841 to its members so far. CashCrate is in this business, starting from 2006 and one of the most trusted survey job site for Indians.

Once your account reaches $20, your earnings will be transferred to your bank account through PayPal or any other payment mode selected.

You can find many ways to earn money from CashCrate. You need to login into CashCrate on a regular basis and click on “TapResearch” to check the survey jobs available for you.

Join CashCrate

9. The Panel Station

Panel Station survey panel is one of the fastest growing survey companies and offers survey jobs for India, China, Brazil, Mexico, South Africa, Argentina, South Korea, Taiwan, Poland, Singapore, Colombia, New Zealand, Thailand and more. Panel station is one of the most used online survey jobs in India.

Once your panel station survey account reaches 3000 points then you’re good to withdraw your panel station survey earnings to your bank account. 3000 points equals INR 300.

You may withdraw your survey earnings from the panel station via PayPal, FlipKart, Free-charge, Amazon and Paytm.

Join Panel Station

10. Opinion Bureau

11. LifePoints Panel – GlobalTestMarket

12. Viewfruits

13. Streetbees

14. TellyPulse(StarPanel)

15. Opinion World

Panel Place – Online Paid Surveys

PanelPlace online survey jobs – Many people around the world are already making money from online survey jobs.

Paid surveys are the best way to make money for sharing your knowledge. Yes, you need to provide your honest feedback about any product or service.

Panel Place – Top online survey jobs for India

Large and Small companies are spending billions of dollars to know the people’s opinion about their products. These genuine Surveys will help them to improve their quality and business as well.

I have gone across a huge number of Paid surveys in my experience, Yes, I have seen some legitimate and scam surveys too. I would recommend Panel Survey which pays instantly once you complete the surveys.

You can make 5$ – 25 $ per survey which depends on the length / minutes of the survey to take. Generally, it would be 1 Minute – 5 Minutes only. You no need to pay anything to become a member, it is free to join. Here is the Registration Process to become eligible to take surveys immediately. This is the best way to get an online job without any investment.

Join PanelPlace

Conclusion – Online Survey Jobs in India

We’ve listed the top 15 survey sites in India to earn money online. All you need is, you need to register at least 5 – 6 survey job sites in order to make some decent money from online survey jobs in India.