Prevent From Hackers

How to Prevent from Hackers – Simple way to Prevent from Hackers

The key of threatened in Information Technology is Hacking. There are many possibilities for Computer Hacking. Hackers will always searching for weaker spot in a network or system to hack. Once they entered in your network / server then they will get a hold of all your confidential information and so. This article will help you to prevent from hackers.

Best Methods to be followed to Prevent form Hackers / Hacking 

Ensure that your computer is fully protected with Antivirus

Be updated about hacking and hacker’s news.

Your Computer should be updated with all required Operating system patches and fixes

Verify that the Firewall is ON.

Change your Password frequently and keep complicated Passwords.

Install an anti-spyware and Adware programs in your systems.

Don’t keep the email form unknown sources.

Never access complex websites over an unsecured WiFi

Beware of phishing scams

Prevent from Hackers
Prevent from Hackers

You should avoid logging into accounts through links within emails

Try to use any websites directly and not from email links and so.

Use two-factor authentication.

Keep your eye always in services.msc to check any irrelevant services are running

Never open attachments from unknown sources / persons.

Have a habit to clean Cookies frequently.


These are major factor to prevent from hackers.

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