Now the whole country and even the world is under lockdown. How does one make some extra money from home? There are many ways to earn money online during lockdown. In this post, you’ll learn the best online jobs for students during lockdown. These work from home jobs are suitable for anyone who wants to make money from their home comfort.

Are you a student, part-time job seeker, full-time job seeker, housewife, retired person or anyone who likes to earn money online? You’re in the right place to earn from the best online jobs from home without investment.

We’ve compiled a list of genuine online jobs for students during lockdown in India all around the world. Anyone from any part of the world can join these online jobs from home with no investment.

best online jobs for students during lockdown
best online jobs for students during lockdown

Best Online Jobs for Students During Lockdown (Covid – 19 Pandemic)

Below is the list of the best work from home jobs for college students to make some extra cash from their home comfort.

1. ySense

Most of the successful online workers started their online career with ySense. Why ySense is the best place to start your online career is, you can easily make money from completing simple tasks online.

  • Online survey jobs
  • Cash offers
  • Simple tasks
  • ySense referral programs

The reason why ySense gets the top position in the list of online jobs for college students is, if you’re over 13 years of age then you’re good to join ySense and make money.

I’ve been a successful blogger since 2014 and still I make money from ySense. The best part of ySense is, you can join from anywhere from the world. All you need is, you should be over 13 years of age.

You can be a college student, part time worker, housewife, retired one and more. You must have a Gmail id to join ySense.

Join ySense

2. Start a Blog and Make Money

If you’ve something to tell the world then you can start a blog and share your thoughts to the people. In return you can make money from blogging.

There are many people who are making regular income from blogs. If you’ve sound knowledge in any field then you can create a website or blog and write content about the topic where you have knowledge.

You might be having some skills or knowledge about anything like,

  • Sports
  • Fashion and Lifestyle
  • Cooking
  • News
  • Writing
  • Technology
  • Comedy
  • How-to Guides
  • Cinema
  • Politics
  • Health & Beauty
  • Science and more

If you think you’ll be able to write something about any topic then you can start a blog and make money as a student or any category.

Here is the simple step-by-step guide to start a blog in India.

3. NeoBux

One of the best online jobs for students during lockdown is Neobux where you can make side income for completing simple tasks online.

One of the easiest ways to earn money as a student in Neobux is , Get paid for viewing advertisements. Also there are many other ways to earn money from Neobux like,

  • Paid surveys
  • Simple tasks
  • Watching TV
  • Completing offers
  • Marketing surveys
  • Playing online games and make money
  • Neobux referral program and more

Join NeoBux

4. Online Tutoring Jobs

Tutoring is one of the popular online jobs for students in India. Most people like to learn the stuff from their home comfort. Learners believe that online tutoring provides a safe and comfortable environment.

If you’re a student or anyone who has something to deliver to others then an online tutoring job is the best option to go on. There are many students who are making money from online tutoring jobs in India.

All you need is to be an expert or have enough knowledge to teach others online. Tutoring is one of the trending jobs for students in India during lockdown.

High school students or college students can do an online tutoring job and make some money out of it. Tutoring job is NOT only the best online jobs for college students during lockdown, in future people like to learn through internet only.

If you have a PC or laptop with decent internet connection then you’re good to make money from online tutoring jobs as a student in India.

5. Data Entry Jobs for College Student During Lockdown

Online data entry job is one of the best work from home jobs in India to make money. There are many students from India who are making side income from their free hours.

Data entry jobs are the best part time job to make money through some simple typing jobs.

If you’ve good typing skills and are able to complete the word within the deadline then data entry jobs are the best option to earn money as a student in India during covid-19 pandemic.

Once you’ve registered with the online data entry jobs, you’ll get the job details through your email ids with time schedule. You can adjust the time schedule based on your convenience.

Popular websites for data entry jobs for students are,

6. Online Survey Jobs for Students

One of the best online jobs for students during lockdown to make money is survey jobs. There are many students who are already making regular income from paid surveys.

Survey jobs are very easy to do, you need to provide your honest answer about the product or service you used or experienced.

Product companies like to know how people like their current products and what are the changes to be done for better performance. To know this, they will contact the survey companies to get feedback from the customers.

As a survey member, you’ll have to answer the questions, in return you’ll earn money from the online survey programs.

Join online survey jobs in India

7. Freelance Writer Jobs for Students

If you’re passionate about writing then freelance writing jobs are the best online jobs for college students to earn money during lockdown time. If you are able to write some content about any niche or product then you can earn money from freelance jobs in India.

There are many companies that help the students who are able to write some quality content about any topic. All you need is, prepare your portfolio and upload it on the popular freelance job sites to get a quick response from them.

Here are the top paying freelance jobs in India.

8. Virtual Assistant Jobs for Students in India

Virtual assistant jobs for students are one of the best jobs during lockdown in India. If you’re a student with good organizational skills and communication skills then there are many opportunities waiting for you.

Each virtual job has its own characteristics and it needs some unique qualification to perform. However, there are some common virtual jobs for students in India that help them to make extra money while they’re studying.

Students can make between Rs. 500 to Rs.3000 through virtual jobs from home. The advantage of working in the virtual assistant job is, you can manage multiple clients and projects from your home comfort.

The popular places to get virtual assistant jobs are,



Virtual gal Friday

Fancy hands

Worldwide 101

9. Translation Jobs

If you are a student and know multiple languages then you can make money as a student from a translator job from home. Online translation jobs are high in demand and you can make money if you know multiple languages.

As a translator, you need to translate voice mails, documents and more. There are many freelancing job sites that offer translator jobs for students in India and all around the world.

Mostly, a translator job pays you per word. In India, you can make up to Rs 3 for each word you translate.

More Than that you’ll learn something new and you will earn more in this high demand job.

The popular translator jobs for students available online are,

Word express



Translators Town

10. Selling Products Online

Increasing digital marketing technologies and eCommerce, people like to buy products online. Students can make use of this online technology called “affiliate marketing” to sell products online and make money.

Affiliate marketing is the popular online job for students to make money from blogs. If you want to sell products online using a blog, you can get partnership with the affiliate networks.

There are many famous affiliate networks that help students to buy products and make money.

If you want to start an eCommerce business then you must have a website or blog.

Here is the simple guide to start a blog for eCommerce business.

Conclusion – Best online jobs for students during lockdown

We have given the top 10 best online jobs for college students to make money during lockdown. All you need, try at least 5 – 6 students online jobs to find the suitable job for you.

If you want to make some side income I would prefer to join ySense, but if you’re looking for the long term online jobs then I would strongly suggest you start a blog and make money by selling products online.

Thanks for reading and please share this guide.