Thanks to the digital technologies which offer more opportunities through the best sites for online jobs in India in 2021. As per stats, many Indians are quitting their daily job and joining online jobs especially after COVID – 19. In this guide, you will get complete list of online jobs sites in India without investment.

This article will help you with all genuine online jobs sites for Indians. If you’re not from India, still you can join. 

All we know is that the latest digital technologies have taken all industries to the next level. Almost most of the industries have migrated their businesses online.

Raising technology development helps many individuals to start work on online jobs.

Internet jobs or online jobs are trending in India, United States and all other countries. Recent statistics and studies show that more than 4.3 million people in the USA make money by working from home.

There are several opportunities on the internet to earn money online in India from home without investment. Most of the online jobs sites in India help to start immediately and earn money from the first day of joining. All these online jobs from home can be started without registration fees and earn instantly.

If you’re ready to work hard with patience then you can surely make decent money from the best online jobs sites in India in 2021 and 2022.

Based on your interest, you can make these online jobs income as primary and secondary income. Many people started their online career as secondary income, but later on they quit their 9 – 5 job and make these online jobs as their primary income source.

We have written these legitimate online jobs sites in India article after spending more time, much research and along with our experience.

best sites for online jobs in India
best sites for online jobs in India

The Best Sites for Online Jobs in India in 2021 To Earn Regular Income

Keep in mind that all online jobs sites for Indians discussed here are completely free to join and earn money.

1. ySense (formerly known as ClixSense)

ClixSense is an USA company which allows people to earn money from doing simple tasks online. Many people from several countries are already making money from these legitimate micro job sites ClixSense or ySense.

ClixSense is the place where you can easily make money for completing tiny tasks online. You can make money with ClixSense for completing below tasks. (PS – ClixSense has changed its name as in 2019).

  1. Quick Surveys
  2. Data Entry Jobs
  3. Make Money for Playing Games
  4. Figure Eight
  5. Make Money for referring others

Join ySense

2. Start A Blog

One of the popular online jobs in India is to start a blog and make money as a blogger. Yes, blogging is one of the best passive income methods to earn money when you are sleeping. Blogging trends in India, United States and all other countries are rapidly growing.

You might be having many questions in your mind: what is a blog? and how to make money from blog. Don’t worry, we will help with all the required details about blogging business here.

Blog is nothing but you can write anything you’re interested and passionate about. You must have a platform to write quality contents to the public. Blog comes into the picture now.

You need to start a blog to share your knowledge, experience, photos and anything you want to share to others.

We will help you to create a WordPress Blog platform to start writing articles and publish.

Decide your niche or topic. (Your topic can be anything like, technology, travel, marketing, education, how-to, entrepreneurship, food & recipes, health & wealth, news etc.)

Requirements to Start a Blog

  • Register your favorite domain (name)
  • Register your Hosting (Free or Paid) – Paid Hosting has more features.
  • Now write quality content about your niche
  • Publish your post
  • Promote your blog through multiple ways

If your blog started seeing many visitors then you may earn money from affiliate marketing. Yes, promoting the products and get commission is called affiliate marketing.

One of the top affiliate marketing methods is to make money from your website traffic is Google AdSense. You will get to know here how to make money from Google AdSense.

There are many Advertisement programs that help you to make money from your web traffic like Bing Ads, Chitika, Mediavine and much more.

What are the top ways to make money from website traffic?

  • Display Advertisement or P-P-C (Pay Per Click) programs
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Own Product Selling
  • Own Service Offer
  • Sell Space for potential advertisers

Guide: Simple Steps to Start a Blog in India

3. Neobux Online Jobs Sites in India

G-P-T jobs are one of the easiest ways to earn money without investment. One of the genuine online jobs in India is, G-P-T sites.

Earning from G-P-T jobs sites is very easy, so there are many scam g-p-t sites on the internet. We have already written an article on how to find scam jobs online.

You can easily make money from G-P-T online jobs sites by completing micro tasks online.

The best part of G-P-T jobs are,

  • G-P-T Jobs are good with free registration
  • Anyone can join with G-P-T online job
  • G-P-T sites support all countries members
  • Can work from anywhere
  • Several ways to earn money from G-P-T sites

Join Neobux

4. PanelPlace Online Jobs Sites in India

It’s a platform where users can explore new opportunities to make money. PanelPlace members or users will help develop the businesses to the next level.

PanelPlace is one of the popular and reliable online platforms where its members from different categories and countries can find more opportunities to make their life better.

As a PanelPlace member or user, you will help the businesses to grow through your opinion about any product or service.

PanelPlace is the number one online survey panel for almost more than 40 countries in the world and operated from Singapore.

You will discover many legitimate ways to earn money and reward in the Panel Place survey panel.

There are many chances to win extra money from the exclusive promotions in PanelPlace.

You will make money with PanelPlace for providing honest answers about any product(s) or service(s).

Join PanelPlace

5. Freelancer

Freelancing jobs define how you can generate money through your skills. You may work from anywhere with your own schedule.

Most of the freelancing jobs are like, best data entry jobs, web designer, web-development, freelance writing jobs, proofreading job, online typing jobs and more.

The best part of freelance jobs is, you can work from your home comfort and you can decide your own timings.

Freelance sites are free to choose your favorite online freelance jobs. There are many best freelance sites available to earn money from home using your skill sets.

The popular Freelance sites are,



You need to have a well written resume mentioning your experience and expertise along with your portfolio.

Also you may browse your desired jobs based on your skills.

​6. Online Data Entry Jobs

In India, home based online data entry jobs will be the most wanted work from home job. Data entry jobs are most trusted online jobs to earn money.

Data entry jobs are one of the best part time jobs from home to earn money.

7. Micro Tasks 

Micro jobs or Micro Tasks or Simple Tasks are one of the money making methods by completing small tasks online. Amazon Mechanical Turk is one of the popular Micro Tasks sites to earn money with free registration.

You will get paid for doing simple micro tasks like, data entry, internet / web research, small surveys and many more.

Amazon MTurk is the best place to earn from micro tasks.

Join Amazon Mturk

8. Paid Surveys

Making money from online surveys is an evergreen online job. One of the easiest ways to make money on the internet is online survey jobs. Paid surveys or online surveys are set of questions about any product or service.

Earning Money for Sharing Opinion is called a Survey Job.

There are many highest paying survey sites that offer survey jobs to the online workers. All legitimate survey companies allow their members through free registration.

Popular product companies and MNCs always want to know the feedback of their products and services. So those product manufactures will ask the survey panels to conduct a survey program to its members.

You will get paid to complete a survey you receive in your mail inbox.

The survey companies will select the survey members based on the interests mentioned in the survey profile section. 

There are many survey companies that pay $1 to $20 based on the quality and length of the survey program you participate in.

9. Google AdSense Online jobs sites in India in 2021

The most trusted make money method is Google AdSense. Honest company Google helps many people around the world to earn money from the website traffic.

Google AdSense is an Advertising network which provides you several sizes of ad banners to place your website.

If your website has enough traffic then you may apply for Google AdSense partnership program. Once you get approval from Google then you may place the Ad units in your website.

I’m earning huge money from the Google AdSense program.

Join Google AdSense

10. Online Tutoring Jobs

If you have strong knowledge in any area and are able to deliver through teaching skills then you can easily make money from online tutoring jobs.

Online tutoring jobs are one of the legit online jobs. Technology can change any business in the world. But Teaching will be constant. So make use of the latest internet technology and make money from tutor jobs from home.

11. Get Paid for Playing Games Online

Earning from playing games is one of the fun ways to earn money in India . Everyone thinks that playing games online is fun or entertainment. But it’s true that you have a good opportunity to make money by playing games online.

Games Tester job is one of the growing online jobs in India. You will make money for what you are already doing. All you need is, as a game tester you need to test all recently launched games online.

Many popular online sites are offering Game Tester Jobs to earn money from games.

  • Top Gaming Websites to Make Money
  • InboxDollars
  • ClixSense
  • NeoBux
  • Gamesville

12. Make Money through Reading Jobs

Interesting! You can earn money reading  jobs from home. One of the easiest online jobs to do from your home comfort is make money for reading jobs.

There are many G-P-T sites that offer reading jobs to earn extra cash.

Legitimate Sites to Earn from Reading Jobs

  • Cash4Offers
  • InboxDollars
  • Swagbucks
  • ClixSense

Join Swagbucks

13. Make Money from Apps

One of the legit ways to make money from your smartphone is, installing apps and earning money.

Make Money Apps in India would be one of the trending ways to earn money from your smartphone. The best part of money making apps is, you will make money for what you are already doing.

It’s true that humans spend 80%-90% of their free time on cell phones only. We are here to help you to make money when you spend your time on mobile.

There are various mobile apps available to earn money easily.

14. Google Online Jobs

The giant and trusted search engine company Google offers many online job opportunities to earn money online. Let’s see the legitimate Google online jobs here.

Even we just can’t imagine the world without Google, because Google has taken the primary role in the latest technologies. As Google is the most trusted company in the world, so there is no witness we will need more.

Google jobs are a very legit way to make money from home without investment. All you need is, you need to be more patient and hard working.

The Legitimate Google Online Job are,

  • Google AdSense
  • Make Money from YouTube Videos
  • Google Ads (Adwords)
  • Google Play Store
  • EBooks on Google Kindle Store

15. Make Money from YouTube Video

Many online marketers are already making money from YouTube channels. Although, earning from YouTube would be more popular than ever in India. Most of the people are learning and started to make money from YouTube Videos.

How to Start Earn Money from YouTube?

  • Create YouTube Channel
  • Choose your Favorite Niche
  • Start Creating your Video
  • Upload Your Videos
  • Apply for YouTube License Program
  • Promote and Monetize YouTube Video


We have listed the best online jobs sites in India in 2021. I would strongly suggest you give a try for at least 5-6 online jobs. 

Do not think that you’ll become rich overnight by working online. You must dedicate yourself and work hard to achieve your goal in the online job domain.


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