Online jobs from home or work from home jobs are becoming hot and trendy in India after COVID-19. Learn more about what are the genuine online jobs from home in India without investment 2022.

Online Jobs is the hottest keyword being searched by the people on Google every day. You might have seen or heard that there are many ways to earn from the best online jobs from home in India. Although there are many jobs available to make money online from home, there are few scam jobs that exist online. The best part of these genuine online jobs from home in India is , you do not need to spend single rupee in order to join.

Yes, everyone wants to earn real money from home without Investment. But the key is you need to read and research more in order to find the legitimate work from home jobs in India.

9 Genuine online jobs in from home in India without Investment in 2022 with daily payment.

1. This page gives you 9 successful online jobs from home.
2. We provide Proven and Tested Online Jobs from home.
3. All Online Jobs from home are Free & No Investment to start and earn.

Newbies are just searching again and again to find the easiest ways to make money from the internet. This page has been written after analyzing through vast experience and visiting more websites.

You will read more information about how to join the best online jobs from home India in 2022 below.

1. Online Survey Jobs
2. Earn Money from Blogging & Affiliate Marketing
3. Google AdSense
4. Article Writing Jobs
5. Freelancing Jobs
6. Forum Posting Jobs
7. Email Marketing Jobs
8. YouTube – Video Uploading
9. Online Tutoring Jobs

Many people are thinking and dreaming of joining online jobs from home. How many people succeeded in making money? We have lots of ways to earn money from the internet without investing a single rupee. Is it Possible? Yes, it’s possible to earn money online without any investment through online jobs. I’m sure that a work from home online job is still a dream for those who are not ready to initiate or not willing to work hard.

Lots of online jobs are available and people are earning decent money from online i.e., Rs.20000, Rs.50000, Rs.100000 and more depending how they are working. You’ll definitely earn $ 500 to $10000 or more per month.

Skills required to Join genuine online jobs from home in India without investment

  • No Investment required to get Online Jobs.
  • Making Money Online is very simple but we would need more patients and more dedication.
  • Computer with Internet connection.
  • You must have at least basic level knowledge of computer operations and applications.
  • Knowledge of Operating systems, communication skills (at least email) to write or read something which are related to your Online Jobs.
Genuine Online Jobs from Home In India
genuine online jobs from home in India without investment

9 Best online jobs from home in India without Investment & registration fees daily payment (2022)

Find below the proven ways to make money through Online Jobs which you can do from your home without investment and start to earn money right now.

1. Online Survey Jobs

Online Survey Jobs are the quick and successful way to make money. Survey job connects you to the product companies’ websites to validate and verify a product(s). You can easily make money by just providing your valuable opinion about a product OR filling a survey to get paid.

From my experience, I would always recommend PanelPlace as the greatest place to make money from survey jobs. Earned Money will be credited in your account when you complete a survey. Earned Money will be transferred to your bank account immediately. You may easily earn $1-$5 or more per survey which depends on the length of the Survey.

The Product Company will provide you the Survey Jobs / Tasks based on your Profile you’ve provided during the sign-up process. Lots of survey programs / companies are available on the internet but some of them are genuine and some are Scam too. Just Sign up here to join the legitimate genuine Survey programs.

Always Keep in mind that, if anyone or any website asks for money to join the Survey Jobs / programs, then just ignore the request or offer and stand away from those offers. It seems to be a SCAM! I would recommend you to not join or deal with any online jobs if they demand money for membership or provide an offer to you.

There are tons of online survey companies providing legitimate online survey jobs, but from my experience, the Panel Place is the genuine way to make money online through survey jobs. Make sure to check your email inbox on a regular basis, as the registered survey companies will always send you the Survey Tasks to your registered email id.

2. Earn Money from Blogging & Affiliate Marketing

Start a blog in India is trending now after covid-19 pandemic. There are many people have started their own website and make regular income from their blogs or websites.

If you websites are getting good quality traffic then Affiliate Marketing is the best way to make money. You need to apply for a merchant website to get an approval to place the Product banner Ad on your website to earn money prior to the users clicking on the Ads. Make money from blog in India is one of the fastest growing business in all around the world.

When users click on the Ad on your web page which leads to a purchase then the product marketing company will pay money instantly. You can easily earn money easily as $5 – $2000 and more depends on the value of the product. Online Affiliate Marketing differentiates as Cost per Click (CPC), Cost per Lead (CPL), and Cost per Acquisition (CPA / CPS).

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3. Earn Money from Google AdSense

AdSense is the genuine way to make money online from your website’s traffic. You need to apply Google AdSense Code on your web page and start to earn money from the Traffic. This is the legitimate way to earn money through your websites.

If your site has good quality traffic and then just go for Google AdSense account registration. Google AdSense Team will analyze your content quality, and will check plagiarism, check for porn if any, Google Team will analyze if your website has any violence content or not. Once your website passes this entire test, then the Google AdSense team will approve AdSense Account immediately.

Once you got approval from the Google AdSense team then you may Place the Ad Banners on your website and start making money from blogging. Whenever a user clicks on your Ad Banner then it will be credited on your Google AdSense account which is mapped to your Bank account. You can earn $0.5 to $20 per click on your site. It depends on the quality of your content and Ad banner as well.

Google AdSense Monetize is the number 1 Money Making method in online jobs. The Genuine Company called “Google” pays commission for the clicks happening on your websites. Google AdSense Widgets come with several sizes for your choice. You can choose an appropriate size of an advertisement according to your website / widget width.

Also, you’ve an option to adjust the Ad with your page width area, from my experience, the AdSense Ad unit size / name called “Responsive” is an awesome size of Google AdSense Ad type. Those Responsive type Ads will analyze the page width, length and will place the AD into the page accordingly.

4. Article Writing Service

If you have good writing skills then you can easily make money through an Article Writing job on the net. If you enjoy typing and having good writing speed and capability then you can easily Make Money online. Many Article writing companies (like 99cenarticles, fiverr, The Best Spinner) are paying decent Money to submit your own article or given tasks.

Freelance Article writing jobs is one of the most successful ways to make money from home. If you’re a good writer, then you can earn $0.05 to $0.75 per word which is great. You can use your favorite Online Grammar Tool to correct your grammatical errors which helps to get more visitors and returning visitors as well.

5. Freelance Jobs

It may happen to anyone if you work for a company and you may be dissatisfied with the environment and circumstances. Before anything, you admit that you’re the only person who can solve this issue. You No need to pay to join in the Freelance Companies. Membership is free and you can work in your handy time.

Lots of Freelancing Companies like Upwork, Freelancer, and Guru available. You can Sign-up here and start work in the Freelance jobs in India. Once your registration is done with those Freelancing companies, the employer will analyze your CV and will contact you according to your profile.

Make a catchy Portfolio and apply for freelancing writing jobs. Portfolio is the key to get good employers to join in Online Jobs. Apart from Elance, UpWork, Guru and Freelancer, You can easily Make Money Online through the following Freelancing Companies. Those are,




People Per Hour


Freelance Writing Gigs

College Recruiter





You can easily make at least Rs. 18000 – Rs. 20000 ($300 – $600) per month by doing micro online jobs on the internet. No investment required to become a Micro Worker. You will be working on different kinds of tasks such as Rating a product, Identifying an Object, Commenting on the websites, visiting websites, Search and find Contact details, Research and more. With Micro Tasks you may work on a variety of different tasks such as identifying an object, rating and commenting on different sites, visiting and ranking websites, finding contact details, performing small research, writing small articles.

6. Earn Money Online from Forum Posting Jobs

Online Forum Posting Jobs is promoting a service OR product. If you enjoy chatting and if your English is great then Forum Posting Job is good for you to earn money on the net. The Key of the Forum Posing Job is to generate good quality Back-links, traffics and SEO to your blog / websites.

Forum posting is the key to generate good quality backlinks, SEO and traffic to your website or blog. The successful forum posting companies are Post Loop, KickStart, Sig Trader, Paid Forum and Posting. You will receive your earned income to your Paypal account. Once you receive the payment then you’re good to transfer to your bank account which mapped with the Paypal account.

7. Earn Money from Home through Email Marketing

Do you have your own email listing? This is the simple way to Make Money online from home without any investment. Always, have a habit to create and maintain an email list. Email Marketing or listing takes the major part in Affiliate Marketing.

You can promote any product by using your huge Email contact list. The Email Marketing process has been proven many times to earn huge money from home. Email Marketing keeps your Brand on Top and helps stay connected. Aweber is the great place where you can do your Email Marketing to Make Money Online from home without money investment.

Definitely, You might have seen that many websites have installed FeedBurner on it. FeedBurner helps the website owner to get the email lists of the visitors who are visiting your websites. Website owners can send updates / sales / leads to the visitors on a daily basis. Although Feed Burner has some limitations in it, Aweber has vast options to use for unlimited.

If your website content is genuine then the visitors will obviously subscribe to your websites and emails. This will help you to increase your product / sale to Make Money Online from home.

8. Earn Money from YouTube Video Uploading Jobs

One of the genuine online jobs from home in India is uploading YouTube videos on the net. You need to upload videos from your YouTube account and place AdSense ads on your YouTube Video. Keep in mind that your Google Account is the same as your YouTube account always. YouTube accounts grant permission to access your Google mail (Gmail) and Google Drive.

You may try to improve your Quality of the video, by editing with the latest tool OR using high configuration cameras and tools. Uploading YouTube videos frequently will help you to keep the returning users to view your videos often. When the visitors increase then your YouTube earnings will increase.

Make sure to Tag all your uploaded videos with appropriate / relevant keywords. Moreover, the keyword should describe the content of the video. You need to provide an eye-catching description to your video to attract. All above tips will definitely help you to bring more visitors to your websites from YouTube searches.

It’s common that building more and more audience is the key to making more money through YouTube upload. I reveal the secret to receive more visitors to your video and websites. Yes. Original Content is the best way to bring more visitors / users to your videos / websites which helps to monetize your website more profitably.

You may share your YouTube videos on Facebook and Twitter and all other social networks to bring more visitors to your videos and websites.

If the number of visitors to watch your video is increasing, then the income from the YouTube uploading will be high. As I said earlier, if your content is good then obviously it will bring more visitors to your videos / sites and Make More Money online from YouTube video uploading.

9. Online Tutoring Jobs – Best online jobs from home India

Do you know? Can you can Make Money online from home by teaching others? Yes, lots of Online Tutoring Jobs available on the Internet to earn money easily. The Education industry is an awesome way to earn money from home as an online job.

Around the world, Online Tutoring is developing more and it will reach top $100 billion by end of the year 2017. The company called Udemy is the top and successful place to earn money from home by choosing any of these online jobs topics.

  • Social media consulting
  • Cooking or baking lessons
  • Nutrition consultations
  • Academic tutoring
  • Life coaching
  • Style consultations
  • Beauty consultations
  • Gardening help
  • Fitness instruction
  • Music lessons
  • Photography lessons
  • Web programming lessons or services
  • Computer repair lessons or services.

I hope this article “Best and genuine online jobs from home in India without investment and registration fee” will help you to start Make Money Online from home without any investment. Share this guide on Facebook and Twitter if you feel it is valuable. You may analyze all above methods and differentiate all ways which you used Make Money online from home. Figure out which option is suitable for your business.

Do compare all your business opportunities and methods. This way you can maximize your Online Income. I would recommend you to follow anyone of the above said successful methods to build your own online business in a profitable manner. Again, analyze, optimize, test and figure out which works fine and make a note of what you have learnt from this experience.

End of the Day, just find out an accurate profitable business for you and enjoy making money online from home. Share your experience below.

Good Luck!