Can I really make money from mobile apps in India? This is a thousand dollar question asked by money people on the internet. This article helps you to know what are the genuine money earning apps in India to earn real money from your smartphone. There are many ways to earn from paying apps in India without any effort. You’ll earn from the mobile apps for what you’re already doing on your mobile phone.

After reading this guide, you can easily earn money from these real money earning apps in India without any investment.


Based on the studies comprising 6,000 respondents (aged 15-45 years) in the major cities like, Chennai, Delhi, Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Mumbai of 70% Male and 30% Female participants, they use smartphones for 6 hours in a day. Average usage of smartphones by the Indian has grown 25% during the pandemic, a report said.

You use your mobile phone at least 5-6 hours in a day, so why don’t you look for some ways to earn money from your smartphone. This guide shows you how to earn from mobile apps in India. You do not need to work-hard in order to make money from your mobile phone. There are many free money earnings apps for Android in India help you to generate money from your phone.

Making your time spent on your mobile would be useful with the apps to earn money in India. The ability to earn from mobile apps might be strange in the beginning, but you’ll really get to know soon that Indian money earning apps are really easy to make money from mobile phone.

In India, it’s not possible for everyone to buy a laptop or desktop in order to make money online. However, smartphones help them to make their dream come true, because smartphones will act as a computer to earn money from the best paying apps in india. Anyone can easily make money from the side hustle apps from your mobile phone.

There are many people from India like college students, housewives, retired persons, part-time job seekers and anyone who wants to earn free cash use mobile apps to earn money in India. We always suggest our readers research well before downloading any easy money earning mobile apps in order to make money.

As you’re going to spend or invest your valuable time on your smartphone, so the result should be more beneficial to you. We strongly recommend installing the top star or app ratings mobile apps to earn money. Our mobile apps list for Indians are widely used by many people. These money-making apps for India have positive reviews on the Google Play Store.

Go through the list and decide which are the best money-earning apps in India in 2021 to make real money from mobile. You can really make money from these money making apps for Android in India without any doubt.

Let’s dive into the top paying money earnings apps in India.

Money Earning Apps in India
Money Earning Apps in India

8 Real Money Earning Apps in India

We’ve tested many mobile apps to find genuine mobile apps to earn money from smartphones.  

1. ySense

The reason why ySense is the top place in my list is, anyone from anywhere in the world can join ySense to make money online. ySense is the number one mobile app in India to earn free cash online in your free time. You do not need to have any special skills in order to make money from ySense on your smartphone.

There are many people who earn from the genuine mobile apps of India like ySense. The eligibility to join with ySense is, your age should be above 13. There are no country restrictions.

The best ways to earn from ySense is, survey jobs, cash offers and ySense referral programs. However, there are many other ways to make money for watching videos, earn money for playing games online and viewing ads.

ySense Earning Proof

money making apps in India

Free registration to join ySense.

2. NeoBux

One of the popular money making apps in India is NeoBux. It’s an online community where you can easily make money for just viewing advertisements. You do not need to do any rocket science in order to earn money from Neobux. All you need is, complete free registration in NeoBux and start making money from NeoBux apps in India.

There are many other ways to make regular income from Neobux. Here is the simple guide to make money from Neobux.

Join NeoBux

3. Cointiply

One of the popular earn money apps in India is Cointiply. There are many micro tasks available on Cointiply to earn free Bitcoins. Those simple tasks are,

  • Install Apps
  • Filling Surveys
  • Play Games
  • Viewing Ads and more.

You can earn “Satoshi (Fraction of Bitcoin)” for every task you complete in Cointiply.

Once you’ve reached the minimum threshold, you can convert your earnings to your bank account.

WazirX for Indians

CoinBase for Global users

Cointiply’s android app makes it easy for everyone to earn money from Android apps without any effort.

Join Cointiply

4. SwagBucks

There are many Indians who are making money from mobile apps on a regular basis from Swagbucks. It has offered different types of activities to make money. Swagbucks is available as a form of mobile app and web app as well.

You can make money from Swagbuck mobile apps through “SB Answer – Surveys that Pay” through your Android mobile phone.

Swagbucks mobile app offers many tasks for its members to earn money easily from mobile phones.

  • Surveys
  • Playing Games
  • Watching Videos
  • Answer Short Questions
  • Daily Polls.

Your earnings from SwagBucks are calculated as “SB” which you can redeem as $3 to $30 gift cards for Amazon, Walmart, PayPal, Starbucks and Target.

Join SwagBucks

5. Playment Mobile Apps in India

One of the successful mobile apps in India is “Playment” which offers different kinds of simple tasks to its members. There are many simple tasks available on Playment mobile apps to make money for Indians.

Creating an account using Facebook id and verifying your mobile number is a better option to make more money from this mobile app.

Join Playment

6. Perk App

One of the famous mobile platforms in India to make money is “Perk App”. It has various tasks to complete by using your Android mobile phone.

Perk mobile app for India has many tasks to earn reward points. The popular mobile app tasks are playing games, visiting websites, searching the web and more. You can make use of many payment modes like PayPal, Walmart and Target to withdraw your earnings.

Perk App is the best way to make money from your Android phone in India.

Join Perk

7. MooCash

Do you believe you can make money by swiping and tapping your smartphone?

MooCash’s Android mobile phone app helps to make money from screen locking. You’ll get paid from MooCash for just unlocking your mobile screen by swipe left.

You can redeem your earned coins from MooCash through PayPal or Google Rewards Card. The easiest way to earn money from MooCash mobile app is to watch a short video.

When you’ve earned 200 coins then you’re good to redeem $2 via PayPal or earn iTunes, Google play gift card and Amazon gift card.

Join MooCash

8. Google Opinion Rewards

All we know that Google owns the operating system Android comes with an amazing app called “Google Opinion Rewards” which is available only for Android mobile phones.

This mobile app does not give you cash, but you can earn Google Play Reward points. You can use these points earned by Google opinion rewards app through redeeming only on Google services like music, downloading Android apps, movies and books from Google Play Store.

After installing this mobile app, you’ll get 20-30 surveys on every week. You can earn reward points through surveys, answers, feedback and opinions.

Conclusion – Money Earning Apps in India

We’ve listed the top paying money earning apps in India to make money from your smartphone. I would recommend you to join at least 5-6 mobile apps in order to make some money from your smartphone.


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