Maximize Font Size

How to maximize font size in windows PowerShell

Most of us might have faced this issue that we are not able to see what has written in the Windows PowerShell command prompt. As the font size is very small which is not readable. I will show how to maximize font size in Windows PowerShell.
I have seen in my experience that when I open the PowerShell command, it opens normally. After few seconds it will shrink down to very small size which is not readable. This is not only happening for windows font size and happening to Windows PowerShell layout also.

maximize font size

Maximize font size

Please follow below steps to get rid of font size issues. From Windows Screen, go to Start type “PowerShell” in Search Programs and Files and enter. This will take you the PowerShell screen. Ensure that you have logged in as Administrator and equal rights to Administrator.

maximize font size

Now, Right Click on anywhere in the Top toolbar (Right Clicking on Windows PowerShell logo Left Top of the box recommended) and click on “Properties”.


maximize font size
maximize font size

Now Click on Font Menu and increase the Font size as you wish. You need follow same procedure to change “Layout” size also.

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