Are you really serious about finding the best ways to earn money online in India in 2021? Are you tired of finding the legitimate online jobs to earn money online? Here is the list of real ways to earn money online in India without investment and registration fee.

Do not worry at all. You’ve really reached the right place to know how to earn real money from home without investment.

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People like me always look for genuine online jobs from home to make some additional income for living. My long time searching ended here with some data entry jobs from home. Also my continuous searching on home based jobs helped me to know about the genuine online jobs without any investment. But I’m not satisfied with the data entry work as there are many scam data entry jobs on the internet.

Let’s read the best ways to make money online from home in India.

earn money online in India without investment

15 Best Ways to Earn Money Online in India Without Investment with Daily Payment

There are many Indians earning money online in India without investment. You do not hesitate or think more about how to make money from online in India in 2021. All you need is, you need to have 100% dedication, ready to work-hard. That’s all. Success will come your way.

Do you think making money online in India is tough? I would say “Yes” if you are not ready to think differently and it would be very difficult to earn. But if you’re ready to work-hard with smart then there are many doors that have already opened for you.

You might have seen or heard that there are many people already making decent money from online in India. They are not doing any rocket-science technologies in order to make money online.

What they did is, they registered with the legit online jobs sites in India and made money from home.

Remember, if any online job demands money for registration then you should stand away. Because there could be a big chance for a scam. Keep in mind that the legit work from home jobs never ask money to join.

1. Make Money from Online Surveys

Paid survey jobs are one of the popular ways to earn money online in India through your opinion. People around the world are already making money from online survey jobs without investment. Survey jobs are very simple that you will make money for sharing your opinion about any product or service.

Online surveys will take 5 minutes to 15 minutes to complete. Based on the length of the survey, your survey earnings will be varied. You will not need to provide any detailed answer or opinion about any product. The answers would be like Yes or No or Tick.

If you’re working for legitimate survey sites then you will have good chances to earn at least $1 to $15 per survey. The survey topics will be based on the information you provide in the profile section on the survey panel. Here you find the best survey sites online to earn money from home.

2. Earn Money Online India from Blogging

Blogging is one of my favorite online jobs to earn regular income through content. I’m making real money through a blogging business. The tips and tricks to earn money from blogging are very simple that if your content is real and unique then Google will surely like your content. This tends to bring more visitors to your blog.

Do you know there are many successful bloggers from India who are making huge money from blogging?

If you love writing about any topic(s) then I would suggest you to start a blog to earn money. There are many people who are making decent income from blogging businesses. I have written many articles about how to make money from blogging.

3. Paid To Click Sites (PTC Jobs) Get To Paid Jobs (GPT Sites)

Do you know? You can make money by viewing and reading the ads online. We’ve analyzed many sites and listed a few best PTC sites and GPT sites to earn real money.

It’s true that most of the people from India started their online journey with Get paid to jobs or PTC jobs.

The PTC & GPT sites are not only providing Ad viewing. There are many ways to make money from GPT sites and PTC job sites.

  1. Paid Surveys
  2. Cash Offers
  3. Figure Eight Tasks
  4. Earn money from Online Games
  5. Make Money from Referrals Program

make money online in India

4. Affiliate Marketing

People who really want to earn money through hard working with patience then Affiliate Marketing is the best option. It’s sure that if you work hard then you’ll surely earn big money from affiliate marketing.

The open secret is, the Internet is growing day by day. The world can’t run without the internet which tends the growth of online shopping.

If your blog or website has good website traffic / users flow then you will have a big opportunity to make huge money from affiliate marketing.

There are many popular eCommerce or online merchants available to help you to earn money from affiliate marketing.

The popular eCommerce merchants are Amazon, Snapdeal, ShareASale, eBay, ClickBank, CJ, FlipKart and more. All online networks provide free affiliate programs to earn money.

5. Earn Money Online in India from Google AdSense

Google AdSense is one of the genuine ways to make money from website traffic. AdSense is an advertising program running by Google, which allows you to run Google AdSense advertisements on your blog or website.

You will get paid money whenever Google Ads get clicked by the visitors on your website or YouTube videos.

Earning from AdSense is not rocket science. If you have moderate web traffic on your website or YouTube then you will earn decent money through Google AdSense Advertisement Program. You can easily earn money from Google AdSense without investment from home.

Many people are making huge money from AdSense for living. You may read this guide to know the best ways to earn money with Google AdSense.

6. Earn Money from Facebook

Do you know there are many simple ways to make money from Facebook? Apart from sharing your selfies and videos, you can easily earn money from Facebook.

Facebook is a widely used social network program by people around the world. One of the smart ways to make money with Facebook is, selling Facebook likes. We will see here the best ways to earn money from Facebook easily.

Genuine ways to earn money from Facebook are,

1. Make money from Facebook Page (Affiliate Marketing)

2. Sell products on Facebook

3. Facebook Influencer

4. Facebook Marketing

5. Make money from Facebook apps

6. Earn from Facebook Group and Account Selling.

7. Freelancing Jobs

Are you interested in becoming a Freelancer? If so, a freelancing job is one of the successful ways to earn money from your home comfort.

Freelancing jobs can be done through small or big companies. You may make decent money through your skills called Freelancing Jobs.

Based on the types of freelance jobs, people are making $300 to $1500+ per month. We have seen that many freelancers are making $10,000 plus per month, as their contents are more valuable.

How to become a freelancer? I’ll help you with the answer that you need to sign up with the best freelancing sites with your good formed resume.

Once you’re ready with your resume then upload the same in the top freelancing jobs sites. There are 2 simple ways to get freelance jobs online.

The employer may search and find your resume and will contact you accordingly. Vice-versa, you may search for your suitable freelancing jobs by searching on your own.

There are many legitimate freelancing websites available to make money from home. The best freelancing jobs are,

  1. Content Writer
  2. Graphic Designer
  3. Web Designer
  4. Online Data Entry Operator
  5. SEO Specialist
  6. Digital Marketing Jobs and more

8. Remote Job or Virtual Assistant Jobs

Virtual Assistant job or Personal Assistant job is a job where you can work for someone remotely or without physical presence. Virtual Assistant jobs can be easily done from your home. Nowadays, earning money from internet jobs is trending now in India and all other countries.

All you need is to have a computer with moderate internet connection and a bank account to receive your payment.

The best Virtual Assistant Jobs Sites are,

123 Employee





9. Google Online Jobs

The number 1 search engine Google offers many online jobs to the people to earn money from home. The reason I would recommend joining Google online jobs is, Google is a trusted company for a long time and many people are already making regular income from Google.

You will wonder to know that there are many jobs from Google; so far you have heard that Google is the search engine only. But Google provides many online jobs to the people to make money online.

What are the best Google Online Jobs?

  • Google AdSense
  • YouTube
  • Google Opinion Rewards
  • Google Doc & Sheet
  • SEO jobs at Google

10. Micro Tasks

Micro Tasks or Simple Tasks are the best ways to earn some extra money online. Many people are making regular income through these online data entry jobs from home without investment easily.

If you’re working for the legitimate micro tasks companies then you can easily make at least $200 – $300 per month without any doubt.

What are the Micro Tasks?

Identifying objects
Commenting websites
Rating websites
Website visit
Online research
Contact Findings
Small survey participation
Online games and more

What are the Best Micro Tasks sites or companies?

Many companies are offering simple tasks to its members. The popular micro tasks sites are,


11. Online Typing Jobs

Online typing jobs are the easiest way to earn money online India without investment. Each word you type on will return money to your bank account. You do not need to have any strong or specific knowledge in order to earn money from online typing jobs from home.

Typing jobs are purely home based jobs to earn money quickly. As Internet typing jobs are very easy to do and make money, so there are many scam online jobs that cheat people.

You need to have a PC with internet connection with basic knowledge of MS Word and Excel. Moreover, Gmail and bank accounts are mandatory to communicate and get your payment.

The genuine typing jobs can be described as,

Micro Jobs

Content Writing Jobs

Freelancing Typing Jobs

12. Earn Money Online India from Mobile Apps

Nowadays, smartphones are unavoidable devices in human life. People are using smartphones to talk to others and watching videos.

Do you know that there are many Smartphone apps available to make money easily?

Let’s learn how to earn money from Smartphone Apps without investment.

There are 100+ smartphone apps available on the net to earn money by installing those on your smartphone. Though I have analyzed and found the best smartphone apps to make money.

Google Opinion Rewards

13. Make Money By Selling Photos Online

Selling photos online is one of the creative ways to earn money from the internet. If you love photography then you can make real money by selling photos online.

Most of the smartphones come with the high quality camera with great pixels and resolution. Hence, you do not need to buy a camera for taking photos.

Creative and informative photos like nature, people, tourists places, food and dishes, animals etc. make more money by selling online. The best part of selling photos online is, you can earn money many times through a single photograph.

What are the top sites to sell photos online?


14. Article Writer Job or Writing Jobs

If you love to write good contents then Article writing job or writing job is the best way to earn money from your contents. There are many ways to earn money from writing jobs. People are making regular money from writing jobs.

You may write content for websites, individuals, companies, blogs and institutions.

What are the best sites to earn money from Writing Jobs?




15. Earn Money Online India from YouTube

Google’s sister company YouTube helps many people to earn money from videos. Earning money from YouTube is trending in India and all other countries.

The open secret to earn money from YouTube is, you will earn good money if your video is original and informative.

To become a YouTuber, you need to create a YouTube channel and upload quality videos. Once your YouTube channel gets enough subscribers and views then you apply for a YouTube Partnership Program.

Once your YouTube videos get approved then ads will be visible along with your video and you will make money whenever views are happening.

There are many topics available to shoot video and make money from YouTube.

Technology Videos
Comedy Videos
Prank Videos
How-to Videos
Food & Recipes
Travel Videos
News Videos and much more

Step  by Step instructions to earn money from YouTube videos.

I hope that these 15 jobs from home jobs will help you to earn money online in India from home without any investment in 2021.

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