WiFi works based on Radio waves. Radio waves allow us to work as wireless in computer technology like communications and GPS. Nowadays, WiFi is very common that everyone is absorbed in WiFi waves all day and night. Do you know WiFi is safe for health? We will see about this now.

Is WiFi safe for health or harmful?

You know that WiFi signals coming from the router and ends up at the reception point of the device where WiFi is enabled. This is the same with Bluetooth, cell phones etc. Though, unlike cell phones and Bluetooth devices, WiFi signals do not accumulate at a certain part of your body.

If it is a cell phone, it is the ear where you place the phone and it is always either right or left ear. The more you talk the more exposure at a certain point of our brain. Skulls can’t stop cellphone’s signals from penetrating into the brain.

is WiFi safe for health

WiFi – are radio waves that may cause problems but since there is no fixed point of our body touching the devices. As you are not going to hold WiFi Device (router) hence the risk is low. Another factor is that there is some distance between your body and device, so the risk falls to a lower amount.

Router is always placed either on a table or on a wall. You are not going to hold this device to work with. Similarly, the phones, tablets etc. are not touching our body at a certain part for a long time (day and night). When you sleep you keep the mobile phone near your head. Mobile will sit near to your skull. This will create problems due to cellular signals.

How to prevent from WiFi Signals

As WiFi employs harmful radio waves, so we can’t say it is Safe. But if you compare this with Cell Phone signals that are more powerful and tend to affect the body part most of the time. Science has conducted several researches on the WiFi waves and concluded that WiFi waves may cause cancer.

is wifi safe for health

In 2011, the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) classified WiFi as “possibly carcinogenic to humans”.

There are certain factors that make it unsafe and it is not easy to get out of the RF signal range. WiFi signals are roaming everywhere. If you switched off your WiFi during night, you are still exposed to the WiFi signals coming in from neighbors. You can check how many such networks are active just click on the connectivity icon in the system task-bar. More networks, the more vulnerable you are.

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Kids at Risk

Kids are at bigger risk of having mental (brain) disorders as they grow up in WiFi signals school and home environment. You can reduce the risk by turning off WiFi at nights and by discouraging the kids from closing the device for a long duration. You should educate them that the waves are harmful so keep devices as far as possible from our body.

is WiFi safe for health

WiFi safety tips

We can’t run away from the WiFi signals as it is now an integral part of our society. The only relief here is that since WiFi signals are coming from a longer distance, their impact would be lesser (just imagine as the FM waves which aren’t that harmful.)

We can’t go back to Wired technology though it is safer than WiFi. Instead of that try to keep away from the WiFi originating points and repeaters where the signals are strong enough to damage our brain. If possible turn off your WiFi at nights / not using them for a longer duration.

Ensure that you are not spending more time on the same table where the router has been installed. Don’t sit under repeaters for a long time. On devices, turn off WiFi when not using it. It will not only reduce exposure, it will save your battery also. Reference -Health Canada.

Ensure to switch off your WiFi at night when your family sleeps.