An invitation for an Interview shows that you are the right person required by the organization for the vacant position. Good preparation which helps relieve some of the stress involved in job interviews. This article provides you with valuable Interview tips to prepare the interview effectively.

Interview Tips for Freshers – How to prepare for an interview?

  • Re-Read your Resume again and again
  • Wear Formal Clothes
  • Prepare the questions to ask and to be asked
  • Work out a strategy for dealing with stress
  • Read vacancy details, employer’s literature
  • Know where the interview will take place

Interview tips for freshers

First Impression

  • Reach in Correct time
  • Make a Good Entrance
  • Body Language – Handshake, Posture, Eye-contact
  • Smile

During Interview – how to prepare for an interview

  • Be Yourself, Be Honest and Be Interesting
  • Be Prepared to Talk – But not too much
  • Do not be afraid to ask for any clarification
  • Listen the questions clearly
  • Explain your answers with examples

End of Interview

  • Know when the Interview is over and read Employer’s body language
  • Thank him/her for his/her time
  • Ask for Feedback if necessary

Prepare For General Questions how to prepare interview for freshers

  • Tell us about yourself
  • Why did you choose your degree and what have you gained from it?
  • Why have you applied for this job?
  • What has been your most important achievement in life so far? Why?
  • What are your strengths and weaknesses?
  • What do you have to offer us?
  • What are the current issues in this sector of work?
  • What experience do you have of working in a team and what role did you play in that team? (If you an experienced candidate)
  • Describe a project you have successfully completed.
  • Describe a situation you have found difficult. How did you overcome it?
  • What questions would you like to ask us?

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Interview in Naukri.


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