What is Windows Registry ?

The Windows registry is a database that has important information about your system hardware, installed programs, settings, and profiles of each of the user accounts on your computer. Learn how to backup and restore windows registry easily.

What is the purpose of Windows Registry?

Windows always refers to the information in the registry. You should not make any manual changes to the registry because programs and applications typically make all the necessary changes automatically when it is required.

Incorrect change to your computer’s registry could definitely render your computer inoperable. Although, if a corrupt file presence in the registry, you are welcomed to make changes.

Windows strongly recommends that you need to take back up the registry before making any changes and that you only change values in the registry that you understand or you have been instructed to change by a source you trust.

backup and restore windows registry
How do you backup and restore windows registry

Registry Editor

Windows Registry Editor allows you to customize the settings of your operating system and helps to enable additional features. Make a note that prior to any significant modification you should always take a backup of the Registry.

How to backup and restore windows registry?

1. Click on the Start button, and just type regedit and then open the Registry Editor.

2. It will pop-up a menu.

3. Click File > Export to take Backup of Windows Registry

4. Click File > Import to Restore Windows Registry.

This procedure is common for most of the windows versions.

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