How to Set Gmail Profile Picture

I will show you how to set Gmail Profile Picture here with simple steps. As you know that your picture will automatically visible in the Chat list, emails you send and Contacts as well.

This article easily explains you the simple steps to set your profile image in Gmail. You just upload a image from your computer and you can use as your Gmail Profile picture for your Gmail Account.

Simple Steps to Add your Profile Picture in Gmail

1. Sign in to your Gmail Account

2. Now Click on “Cog” icon and select Settings.

3. Go to General tab and Scroll to My Picture and click Select a Picture.

How to Set Gmail Profile Picture
How to Set Gmail Profile Picture

4. Now Select your favorite image from your computer and upload the same. You may use any GIF, JPG or PNG file.

5. Crop the image if required and click on Apply Changes.

6. Now set the visibility of your profile picture. Select Visible to Everyone or Visible only to People I can Chat with.

That’s all. You’re now done with Adding your Profile picture in Gmail.

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