As Digital Camera’s Pixels are so high, then obviously the resolution and the image size would be large. We would need to resize large images prior to sending through email. For an example if your Digital Camera has 15 MP then the size of the image taken by this Camera will be at least 15 MB and so.

I do understand that it is not possible to send large images through email. It may take more time to upload the big images. This article shows you how to send the large images through email with the simple steps. Though, these simple steps will help you to send the largest images very quickly.

Resize Images Automatically

All your windows operating systems have built-in features that will automatically take the photos, resize large images and will send through our default email program. For this, we must have MS Outlook, Outlook Express or Windows Live Mail as our email program because Windows is really trying about default programs.

If you are not using any one of the above said email clients, still there is a simple way to resize large images without using any default email program.

How to Resize Images in Windows

Open the folder where your pictures are located and select the photos that you would like to re-size. Once selected, you will see an option on the top depending on which version of Windows you are using called “E-mail“, “Email this file or “Email the selected files“.

resize images in windows

resize large image

Just click on this, you will be prompted with another dialog box that will ask you whether you want to make the images smaller, medium, large or to keep them the original size. You can select “smaller“. Once you select the option, you’ll also see the estimated size of the re-sized pictures, which is a really accessible feature they added.

re-size large image

Resize large image

Now, Click on OK and Windows will resize large images and will open a new email with your default email program with re-sized pictures attached in it.

re-size large image

If you want to save the re-sized image then just right click on the attached image as shown is the figure and click on “Save As”.

re-size large image

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I hope this article will help you to resize large images without shrinking the image.