How to install Google Plus on Android Phone

How to install Google Plus – Simple Steps to install Google Plus

Google+ is a famous social network apps created by Google. Google plus has lots of awesome new features that differentiate it from Facebook. This article will show you how to install Google plus on your android phone.

Google plus works amazingly well on all Android Devices. You can launch Google plus from Play Store. This page will guide how to install Google plus on your android phone.

install google+
install google+

Google+ Photos is a boundless way to save all your photos. Google plus bring the best moments to life, and share with the people that matter. All Your photos and videos will be stored confidentially and reachable from anywhere. Moreover, when you turn on Auto Backup they’ll be automatically saved. You can easily search the right photos fast by searching for what’s in the image, even if it’s not in the photo description. Also easily add a personal touch with filters and built-in editing tools.

Simple Steps to install Google+

1. Go to the Android Market app
2. Click the MENU button and SEARCH
3. Type in: “Google+” or “Google Plus”
4. Select the “Google+” app and click on INSTALL

install google plus
install google plus

5. Google+ will then launch after installation
6. If you don’t have an invitation to Google+ you will now be notified (no problem, just leave a comment below and I’ll send you one!)
7. Enable Instant Upload – Automatically upload your photos and videos as you take them. If you want to do that then just click on CONTINUE. I, however, DO NOT recommend that. I only upload pictures when I find it necessary. I don’t like the idea of the app automatically uploading the pictures as I take them.

install google plus
install google plus

8. You will now appear at the home screen of the Google+ app with access to Stream, Huddle, Photos, Profile, and Circles
9. Click on Stream and check out what your friends are up to! Leave a comment to let them know you’ve joined the party.
10. Google+ is a great place to share and connect with all kinds of people around the things you are interested in. Start exploring now!

install google+
install google+

Hope this article will help in terms of how to install google+ on android phone.


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