You might have experienced most of the times you scroll Up or Down it will take you 3 lines up or down. But this is not good all time as we may need to page up / down by two lines, single line and so. This article will guide you on how to control mouse scrolling, mouse com scroll and mouse scroll.

How to Stop Mouse from Scrolling?

If you like to change the setting on your Windows system, or in most major browsers like Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox and Opera, please follow the steps to do so. You can easily control mouse com scroll, mouse scroll with images.


As I’m using Windows 7 Operating system, hence I have shown below image related with Windows 7, but the procedure is common for all windows versions.

To change the scrolling setting on your Windows computer, open Control Panel –> Mouse –> Wheels tab. Now you can change the figure from 3, to 2 or even 1 whatever setting suits you.

This change will make a web page or document to scroll 1 line at a time if you give 1 line space setting. If you change this setting, it would be changed system-wide, i.e. your documents as well as browsers.

how to control mouse scrolling

If you would change mouse scrolling only for your web browsers, and keep the default Windows setting as it is, you can do the following in Internet Explorer, Chrome, Opera and Firefox.

how to stop mouse from scrolling
How to enable Smooth Scrolling

Internet Explorer

Open Internet Options –> Advanced, you will have an option to Use Smooth scrolling, under the Browsing section. Do Enable the check box and click Apply.


Chrome used to offer a flag that let you enable smooth scrolling, but Google appears to have discontinued it. You can now use the Chromium Wheel Smooth Scrolling add-on to achieve this.


Firefox users can use the Yet another Smooth Scrolling extension. It makes the mouse scrolling experience smoother and also supports keyboard scrolling. It even lets you customize your smooth scrolling behavior, in terms of step size, smoothness and acceleration sensitivity.


Opera also, like Chrome, offered a flag that let you enable smooth scrolling. But I could not find it now – I guess they too must have discontinued it. Classic Scroll add-on will offer you a smooth scrolling experience. The Modern Scroll add-on will let you customize your scrolling experience.

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