Hide WhatsApp Images

How to Hide WhatsApp Images and Videos from Gallery

Do you want Mobile Privacy? Are you tired of your friends or siblings who don’t care about your privacy?

Do you want to hide that WhatsApp’s image or video from appearing in your gallery? Here is a simple way of doing it without downloading any application.

If you use this trick then you will be ensuring the complete security and privacy of your WhatsApp images and videos and can easily make them private. You simply need to apply these steps in order to make it work from your side.

Hide WhatsApp Images
Hide WhatsApp Images

How to Hide WhatsApp Images from iPhone Gallery ?

Go to Settings and tap on Privacy button.

Go to Photos and then you will have different sources of Photos simply you need to look for WhatsApp and then toggle it off.

Privacy setting > photos > turn WhatsApp off.

Now your WhatsApp photos will be hidden from there.

Hide WhatsApp Images
Hide WhatsApp Images

How to Hide WhatsApp Images from Android Gallery?

Download any File Manager App (ES File Explorer) on your Android phone and install the same on your phone.

Now Navigate to ‘WhatsApp’s media’ folder, commonly it’s found under Home > sdcard > WhatsApp > Media.

Under Media folder you will see a sub-folder called ‘WhatsApp Images‘. Rename this ‘WhatsApp Images’ folder by adding a period ( . ) in front of it. So your final folder name becomes ‘.WhatsApp Images‘

To rename a folder in ES file Explorer, long press the folder and you will see rename option appear at the bottom of the screen.

Now if you go to your gallery, you will not see any WhatsApp images or videos; like it was never there.

To bring back the WhatsApp images in your gallery you can remove the period ( . ) from WhatsApp images folder. And everything will be back to normal as you had earlier.

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