How to improve hair growth using Phyllanthus Niruri for hair :

Phyllanthus Niruri is the natural way to get hair growth. You no need spend money to get Phyllanthus Niruri, it is available anywhere in the world. Let’s see how to make Phyllanthus Niruri oil for hair growth naturally.

phyllanthus niruri hair growth

Phyllanthus Amarus / Phyllanthus Niruri is an awesome Natural Coolant. It can be used for stimulating hair growth. Phyllanthus is widely used as hair shampoo in India. It cleanses your hair and makes your hair grow.

Take a few pieces of Phyllanthus Niruri  (berry under- Keelanelli) roots (Dry) and Brewing in the warm coconut oil until the essence of Phyllanthus Niruri mix with  the coconut oil . Now apply this oil throughout your head. This oil helps hair growing in the bald areas of the scalp also.

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