Google Starts Hindi Ad Service

Google Starts Hindi Ad Service

One more effort from the world’s search giant Google. Yes. Google Starts Hindi Ad Service across its display network. Now, the marketers can advertise to the Indian internet users in Hindi language also.

Dushyant Khare, Head of Partner Business Solutions India & Southeast Asia, Google said, “We hope that this launch will give a boost to the growth of the Hindi web and will encourage the creation of a whole new wave of online Hindi content.”

Starting Monday 15th December 2014, marketers will be able to advertise to India’s growing online population in the widely spoken local language.

Google Starts Hindi Ad Service
Google Starts Hindi Ad Service

Hindi Ads

By extending the ability to support Hindi ads, it will enable global advertisers to connect with India’s growing online audiences. In November, Google launched the Indian Language Internet Alliance (ILIA), a group of organizations, to promote Indic-language content online.

There are over 500 million Hindi speakers around the world. The idea is to get 300 million Indian language speakers online by 2017, Google said. Google recently introduced, voice search in Hindi and a website that curates Hindi content.

Google has already launched, Voice Search in Hindi and a website called, a source to discover the best Hindi content across websites, apps, videos and blogs for Hindi speaking Internet users.

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