People use reverse image search to find where else a specific image has been used online. Doing Google reverse image search on mobile or desktop is a quick way to find visually similar images on the internet.

Most of the search engines offer you to find the images related to what you’ve typed in the search bar. But if you want to find the origin and similar photos then you need to use reverse image search in order to accomplish it.

Learn how to do reverse image search on mobile to find the original source of memes, WhatsApp images, profile picture, photographs from on your Android, iPad and iPhone.

In this guide, you’ll learn how to do Google reverse image search on your Android, iOS, Desktop and Mac.

Why do we do Google Reverse Image Search?

To know a particular image’s copyright and publishing related questions, trace the origin of an image and see where else it has been used before.

Image reverse search is a process to know all about an image like whether it’s an artwork, photograph or a graph, origin of the image and all information of a particular image.

Google image search comes into the picture here.

You’ll learn all about what a reverse image search means with examples.

In this guide, you’ll get to know,

  • What is reverse image search?
  • How to do Google reverse image search on a desktop, PC or Mac?
  • How to perform Google reverse image search for mobile device?
  • Uses of doing reverse image search.
reverse image search on mobile
Reverse image search on mobile

What is the meaning of Reverse Image Search on Mobile?

Doing reverse image search helps you to know all about an image like, where the particular image was originally published on the internet. Also, you’ll get to know where else the same image has been published with the different sizes.

A reverse image search gives you a list of search results in the form of text-based queries.

Rather than a gallery of images, this result shows you the pages that this particular image has been used on. Also, you’ll see a link to an image search features for all the similar images with a possible related search.

There are many ways to perform reverse image search on your mobile or desktop. Reverse image search can be done on the search engines like Google, Bing, etc. by using relevant tools.

I’ll show you a step-by-step procedure to perform a Google reverse search image on a desktop. Also, I’ll walk you through how to reverse search images on mobile phones like Android and iPhone.

Ready to learn the best ways to do Google reverse image search.

How to Do Google Reverse Image Search on Mobile Devices?

Doing a reverse image search on mobile phones like Android and iPhone or tables is something different from a desktop.

Make sure that your mobile devices (Android or Apple) have the Google Chrome app installed to perform “Google reverse image search”. This won’t work on any other mobile browsers like Safari and any other mobile browsers.

Reverse Image Search on Mobile using Google Chrome App

In chrome app, the camera icon option is not available. However, you two options as a workaround.

  1. Either you can force the desktop versions to use.
  2. Use a version of the Right Click option or method.

Use the Desktop version on your mobile to find reverse images.

1. Browse for from your mobile browser.

2. Tap the 3 Dots menu in the right corner of the screen.

3. Click on “Request Desktop Site”.

4. Go and follow the desktop instructions using the camera icon in the browser search bar. You can use two options like use the image’s URL or upload the image.

reverse image using request desktop site

The “Mobile Right-Click” Method to do Reverse Image Search:

1. Browse the image which you like to search for.

2. “Press and Hold ” – until you see a pop-up menu from the image.

3. Now just click on the option – “Search Google for This Image”.

4. You’ll get the results all about the image with similar images with different file sizes.

reverse image right click method

Step by Step Video to Do Reverse Image Search from Mobile and Desktop

Perform Image Search using other Mobile Apps:

There are many mobile apps available to perform mobile reverse image search using your mobile phone.

Google Lens

Google Lens is an Android app (standalone app) and also it has functionality available on the Google Assistant App or Google App on iOS version.

Photo Sherlock (Android / iOS)

Reversee (iOS)

Reverse Image Search App (iOS)

How to Reverse Image Search on a Desktop or Mac?

You can do reverse search pictures on a desktop or Mac in just a few seconds. You can follow these simple steps to search with images and get all details about the image on Google.

Let’s start how to see Google images reverse search on browsers of desktop.

In order to do google search by photo on a web-browser, you need to open the browser and have the image loaded up on the Google image search page.

Steps to do Image search on Google:

1. Open Google Images Page.

2. Click on – Camera icon – on the search bar.

3. Now you’ll see two options, the first one is “Paste image URL” to load the image URL you found on the web or internet.

4. The second option is, “Upload an Image” which lets you upload an image from your system to use that image as the search item.

5. Once you’ve chosen the option, (providing URL or uploading image), click on search to display the results.

Google Reverse Image Search

Google Reverse Image Search on Chrome

If you’ve Chrome then you can easily discover the source of an image without doing the process above.

In this method, the image is already uploaded online.

1. Locate the image.

2. Right click on the image.

3. Now click on “Search Google for Image”.

4. Google displays the results now.

Reverse Image Search using chrome

Bing Reverse Image Search

Bing has its own unique search image functionality on desktop which is called “Visual Search”. Let’s see how to do reverse image search on Bing.

reverse image search on bing
Reverse image search on Bing

1. Go to Bing search bar, click on “Visual Search” button. You’ll get it from the four corner lines surrounded. You’ll get a pop-up menu.

2. You’ll see some options to select as shown below:

Upload – Drag and drop an image or upload it from your computer location. This option allows you to upload multiple images at a time.

URL – Use this option to search through pasting the URL of the image.

Take a photo – You can use your webcam to take a phone and search.

3. View your image results.

Bing image search results though visual search, it will pull any text out of the images with suggested searches.

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Reverse Image Search on Yandex

Yandex is another popular search engine by Yahoo and it has great ability to do image reverse searches online.

How to do Yandex reverse image search?

1. Open ‘” home page.

2. Click on the “images” tab above the search bar on the Yandex page.

3. Now click on the “Camera” icon on the right side of the search bar.

4. You’ll see two options,

  • Upload a file (with drag and drop option)
  • Enter a URL

5. You’ll get the results now.

yandex reverse image search
yandex reverse image search

Yandex reverse image result gives all about the images like, origin of an image, including size, potential searches related to and similar images. Also you will details of the sites the images have appeared.

What are the uses of Reverse Image Search?

There are many meaningful uses to doing reverse image search, some reasons would be fun and some are very powerful tasks.

Below are some of the uses of doing reverse picture search:

  • Discover the similar images.
  • Easy to find the metadata and dimensions of an Image.
  • You can pull text and translate.
  • Find if people are using a particular image.
  • You may check the copyright violations.
  • Editors check for spun guests.
  • Finding an image‚Äôs source

Reverse image search is very useful to find the sources of the Internet Memes, WhatsApp images, Photographs and screenshots.

Facebook users use image reverse search to discover profile pictures. Travelers use it for finding location of the photographs and matrimonial sites using this service to detect and find the fake uploads.

Third Party Websites to do Reverse Image Searches

There are many 3rd party websites that help you to do the reverse image searches on desktop and mobile as well. You can get better results when you find image searches.

Tineye is a popular website to Google reverse image search on Mobile and desktop. It allows you to track an image’s all details like usage and origin of that image. You can get a plugin from website. is of the popular site to do reverse image search on the internet. You can easily perform the reverse picture search on SmallSEOTools through easy interface.

Uploading an image and get desired results in this tool is very easy.

  • Enter image URL
  • Upload an image
  • Searching with Keywords.

Final Thoughts – Google Reverse Image Search on Mobile

Doing reverse image search on Google is really fun and it would be an effective tool to use as a marketing strategy. You can make use of this method to monitor campaigns, brands and build links.

We strongly suggest our readers to reverse image search with the popular tools to improve backlink and monitor your brand.

Using the tool to find the duplicate images are very helpful to find:

  • Similar images
  • List of websites which contain the images.
  • Multiple sizes of the images.

Thanks for reading and please share this article.