The giant company Google launched a project to map the world in 2005. Today, over a billion people are using Google Maps every month. Over 5 million apps and websites leverage the Google Maps Platform every week. Everyone has a question that how often Google maps are updated. You’ll get answer about Google Maps update and more.

What are the uses of Google Maps?

People are not only using for Google Maps to find the Place A to Place B or distance between two places. Google Maps are used for many places like running a business, order a food and book a cab.

Google Maps provide SOS alerts when an emergency situation.There are many critical applications depends on Google Maps to provide accurate result and seamlessness.

However, people wonder how often Google Maps get updated to show the correct answers.

How often Google maps are updated
How often Google maps are updated

How Google Map Works?

There are two key components to map-making, those are Data and Imagery.


Google Map uses the accurate data from over 1,000 authoritative sources in the world. The popular places where Google Maps use to get the right map data are,

  • United States Geological Survey – USGS
  • Mexico’s National Institute of Statistics and Geography – INEGI
  • Housing Developers
  • Local Municipalies


The imagery uses two big sources.

  • Aerial Images – by Airplanes and earth observing satellites.
  • Street-level data – obtained by Google’s “Street View Project”.

Overhead imagery provides complete details of buildings and roads.

Street-level imagery gives road signs, road names, business names and building numbers.

Google Maps update
Google Maps update

How often Google maps are updated?

As the incoming data is huge, so it uses machine learning libraries and frameworks to manage. Using machine learning technology, Google is capable to map many buildings in just one year. Previously it used to map in 10 years.

Machine learning library method helped Google to add 50,000 addresses, 20,000 street names and 100,000 new businesses (Nigeria alone).

Data and Imagery is static in Google Maps. Google Maps imagery would be old for 1 to 3 years, even it could be older in some cases.

Business owners who use Google’s Business Services, will provide the latest information to Google. Active Google Map Users are always providing the latest information to Google.

Any new piece of information will be updated once it’s checked thoroughly with its accuracy. Google Maps get over 20 million new information or inputs from it’s members or users every day. We can say over 200 contributions or updates for every single second, like local store details, road closures, new roads and new business opening etc.

Google Maps are getting updated in every second, every minute and every day!

Currently, Google Maps have reviews and ratings of over 200 million places in the world. If any building doesn’t have traditional address then it’s very tough for Google Map to get it updated.

However, the World Bank says, half of the urban world’s population lives on an unnamed street in the world.

To accomplish this, Google Maps and Platform support “Plus Codes“.

A plus code is an address code based on the latitude and longitude of a location.

Each code has 10 characters long and it consists of two parts –

  • Area code (100 X 100 roughly)
  • Local code (about 14 X 14 meters)

For example, using Plus Code method,

Google’s HQ can be described – Either “849VCWC8+R9” or “CWC8+R9 Mountain View”.

The best part of Plus code parlance is you can use as open source and no fee to use it. Even you do not need any licensing fess and other costs.

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Conclusion – How Often Google Maps are updated

As we’ve seen that every second Google maps is getting updated for any small changes. However, Google maps satellite data is 1 to 3 years old. However, based on Google Earth, the data will be updated once in a month and it may not show real time images.

The various satellite data collected by Google earth will take months to process, compare and then will make it appear on Google Maps.


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