In this article, learn how to enable Google chrome offline mode easily.

Google Chrome Vs IE / Firefox:

Everyone knows the big difference between Google Chrome and IE (OR) Firefox is very simple. IE and FF have Offline mode enabled where Google Chrome does not have. IE and FF have in-built auto-saves as a local copy of all the web pages when we browse the Internet (which is not happening in Chrome.)

All we know is that when we open Google Chrome it will connect to the internet First. From the internet it will get the Latest version of the page from the Server and displays it on our screen. If the Internet is down it will throw an error with Dinosaur image stating that “Unable to Connect to the Internet” as shown in the below figure.

Google Chrome Offline Mode

Enable Google Chrome Offline Mode – How to Work Offline in Google Chrome

Open Chrome —> type chrome://flags/ and then you will see an Experimental Features page. (Careful, these experiments may bite). Now Search for “Enable Offline Load Stale Button” and Enable it as shown in the figure.

Latest versions of Google Chrome also Support Offline browse although this option to easily access the cached version of any web page is hidden inside the Chrome Settings.

Google Chrome Offline Mode

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Please ensure that you will restart Google Chrome without Fail.

If you are Offline (No internet connection) now, no need to worry. Now Chrome will give you an option to load the “Saved Copy” as shown in below figure. This is the easiest way to enable Google Chrome Offline Mode.

 Google Chrome Offline Mode

How Google Chrome Offline Mode Works?

Chrome will cache HTML content, JavaScript, Images and the CSS style sheets that are associated with the page. Hence offline copy of the web page should not look very different from the original web-page. If the page contains high-level programming generated resources like Videos or JavaScript then it will be replaced with “Placeholder” pics.

I hope you will find this information useful during no internet connection.

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