As we all know that Binary Options are a simple way to trade price fluctuations in multiple global markets, but a trader needs to understand the risks and rewards.

You have seen / used a lot of Free Binary Options Trading Signals Tool but You all will surely learn why you all have been scammed before and how the scammers operate, though you will learn how to never lose a penny on “business opportunities” again.

100% Profit Bot is a powerful FREE Program that will earn you up to 128,000 USD within 365 Days gradually without loss of a single penny. Your first 100 Bucks by the End of Today (with NO strings attached).

Binary Options Trading

Unlimited Binary Options Trading Profit

The world’s first Multi-broker bot that removes trade limitations by dynamically combining accounts and allowing you to consistently DOUBLE your money every month up to 138,000 USD and then earn 43,000 USD per month (on the dollar, and it’s scientifically proven.

Regular Profits

100% Profit Bot is an Honest Binary Bot That Works for free of Cost. It is a 100% fully automated robot. Not a signal tool or indicator! It is totally profitable software! This is the One & Only Binary Robot that FORCES You to withdraw your PROFITS Regularly!!! You either WITHDRAW to your bank account… OR it will refuse to trade!

No Installation Required

The software is WEB BASED so it can work even on your Phone! Nothing to download and configure! Fully web based in your members’ area! This software works with MAC Computers also.

Simply login to your member’s area and follow instructions to activate the robot and let it auto trade for you. That’s it! You DO need to log into your system to do this Software work.

100PercentProfitBot is the 1st edition of Final VOL 1 Automated Trading System and the requirements are the same as they were during the Beta Testing stages that proved its profitability and the feasibility to move the profited funds easily into your bank account. You have to have 4 Binary Broker accounts with overall bankroll of at least 1000$. Once those requirements are fulfilled – the system is trading for you, profits, alerts you to withdraw half the profits each time the bankroll is doubled

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