Extract Audio from Videos

How to extract audio from videos – New way to extract audio from videos

Extract audio from videos, we always think about it when we need it. Yes. Sometimes, we are in the position to take part or extract audio from the videos. Scientists have recently invented a very simple optical new technique to recover spoken words from a video recording of objects.

Extract Audio from Videos Method

The method uses an image-matching process based on vibration from sound waves. It shows that the sound creates minute vibrations in the objects. These vibrations given the right equipment— can be picked up from a video signal,” said Reiner Eschbach, associate editor of the journal Optical Engineering that published the paper.

extract audio from video
extract audio from video

The method is constructed on the fact that sound waves are mechanical waves that cause air to vibrate when travelling. That vibration through air can cause vibration of objects located in its travelling path. Especially if the objects are lightweight, thin and flexible such as a piece of paper.

As we know there are lot of online tool available to extract audio from videos. The vibrations, while usually with small amplitudes. It can be detected and analyzed an algorithmic and audio reconstructed based on those calculations. Reference Times of India.

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