Discarded laptop batteries can keep light ON

How can you use waste laptop batteries?

Discarded laptop batteries can keep a light ON for more than 4 Hours per day. Will you believe this? Yes. Recent research has proved that a trial of unwanted batteries and found 70% had enough power to keep an LED light on for more than 4 hours / day for a year.
According to researchers at IBM India, many of the estimated 50 million lithium-ion laptop batteries discarded every year in United States. Those could provide electricity storage sufficient to light homes in developing countries.

How is it possible to use Discarded laptop batteries?

Just combine LED lights with solar panels along with rechargeable batteries. However, using waste / discarded batteries could surely make the approach far cheaper. All we know that the most costly component in these systems (storage) is often the battery. In this case, used battery will help here to reduce the cost.

latop battery

The IBM group, working with a hardware R&D firm called Radio Studio. They unscrewed the discarded laptop battery packaging and extracted individual storage units (cells.) Researchers tested those individually to pick out the good ones, and recombined them to form refurbished battery boxes.

Discarded laptop batteries

After adding charging dongles as well as circuit to avoid overheating, they tested this with five users in Bangalore who lived in slums or operated footpath carts. Three months later, the users said that the battery packs had worked well. IBM is not seeing this as a business but it says the technology might be offered free to poor countries.

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