Clean Nicotine from your body is vital as “Smoking is injurious to health”. We have seen this quote /advice almost everywhere in the world.  As everyone knows that smoking will damage the body. A cigarette you smoke is reducing 11 minutes of your life time.  Cigarette smoking will cause a slow and painful death. Cigarette Smoking always harms you as well as others around you. 90% of Lung Cancer developed because of Cigarette smoking.

Nicotine is highly cancer-causing and addictive. Cigarette smokers are very hard to quit as they are hooked by nicotine which is a fast acting drug. Nicotine will reach your brain within 15 seconds. Smokers / Ex-Smokers should follow below Food habits to clean Nicotine from your body. Vitamin C is Key to clean Nicotine from your body. Smokers surely feel relief by consuming these foods regularly.

clean Nicotine

How to Clean Nicotine From Body



Orange is a very good Fruit to increase the immune system to Clean Nicotine from your body. Orange will overcome the effects of Nicotine. Drinking Orange Juice will give you a quick result.

Clean Nicotine


All we know is that drinking more water will remove most of the harmful venom, so drinking water will always clean Nicotine from your body. Although drinking water will keep your body skin healthy.


Clean Nicotine - SpinachSpinach is very cheap in the market but it is NOT loved by many as most of us do not know the advantages of Spinach. Spinach has Folic acid and will help to remove Nicotine from your body.



Carrot (Juice) has Vitamin A, B, C and K. Storing Nicotine in the body will damage the skin.  Drinking Carrot Juice will remove the stored Nicotine and will keep the skin beautiful and healthy.


Clean NicotineBroccoli contains Vitamin C & B5, This will surely help to remove the Nicotine from your body.


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