All we know is that most of us are getting a lot of unwanted calls or messages often. Maybe it was that time you rushed to the phone only to find it was a call from the Call Center and trying to sell you something you didn’t want or need.

This article will help you to Block Unwanted Calls and SMS on Android Phone. You would just need to download and install this app and this provides you a simple way to Block Unwanted Calls and SMS on Android Phone.

If you’re fed up receiving unwanted calls and messages, don’t worry, there is something you can do about it. Below you will find a simple step to block nuisance calls and messages.

how can block unwanted calls
Block Unwanted Calls and SMS

How can block unwanted calls and SMS on Android Phone?

Download and install the latest version of the app named Blacklist in your android device from here.

After the installation is completed open the app.

Configure all the settings of the app.

Follow the instructions there to proceed.

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Best Features of Blacklist App

Blacklist App is very helpful to the android user and provides lots of features or options to the users.

Blacklist: – This section of app will help you to disable or block the calls from the selected number. The number you want to block can be selected from the contacts list and either you can manually add numbers in the blacklist. Also, you can block numbers by three ways that are Block Numbers not in my contacts, Block Private Numbers, Block a Specific number.

Text Filter: – This option allows you to block any text messages from any number that you can either select from your contacts or you can manually enter in this section.

Backup/Restore Settings: – This feature of the app allows you to backup and restore all your previous settings in just one click and you will get reverted to your previous settings / version.