In big countries like the US and India, housewives are supporting their families financially. Every housewife or stay at home mom is looking for home based online jobs for housewives in India and all other countries to earn money.

In this post, you’ll learn the best work at home jobs for a housewife without investment. These online jobs for housewives sitting at home are suitable for any women from any part of the world.

You’ll find more genuine online jobs for housewives to work from home in their free time. At the same time, you take care of your family and kids. These work from home jobs are best part time jobs for housewives and stay-at-home moms.

All these best online jobs for housewives and home moms are completely free to join and you can easily make money from your home comfort.

There are many Americans and Indians who are already making money from these online jobs for ladies by working 4 – 5 hours a day. Based on the time spent on the online jobs will decide your earnings.

There are many online jobs available to make money by working part-time and making money while sitting at home.

All these online jobs for homemakers sitting at home give you more satisfaction without sacrificing your daily life.

In this guide, you’ll find the top work-from-home jobs for women’s at home without investment or very less investment.

15 Best Home Based Online Jobs for Housewives

The home based online jobs for housewives listed here will help you to make money while sitting at home without affecting your daily activities. There are many stay at home moms who are earning money from these part-time jobs for housewives.

home based online jobs for housewives

1. ySense

Most of the housewives sitting at home start their online career through ySense. If you’re looking for a simple online job for a housewife then I would strongly suggest you join ySense.

ySense is an online community forum where you can easily make instant money as a housewife. You are not going to spend more time on ySense to make money, as all ySense tasks are very simple ways to make money as a woman.

Many housewives make money from home without investment through simple tasks. There are several simple tasks available on ySense in order to make money as a woman. Those tasks are,

  • Online survey jobs
  • Simple offers
  • Cash offers
  • Prize offers
  • Referral program
  • Playing games online and makes money

Join ySense.

2. NeoBux

If you want to make some free money on the internet as a woman then I strongly suggest you join Neobux. There are many women are making money from Neobux.

NeoBux is a platform where you can make money for viewing advertisements. Interesting! Yes, earning money from NeoBux is one of the simple ways to make money as a housewife.

Joining Neobux is 100% free and you would need a registered email id (Gmail is a preferred email id).

Join NeoBux.

3. Start a Women’s Blog and Make Money

There are many women bloggers in the world who are making huge money from blogging. If you have something to share with the world then you can easily start a blog and make money.

There are many blogs for women to help housewives to step into online careers. If you compare blogging with other popular work from home jobs for housewives, blogging is the best way to make huge money on the internet.

If you’ve a own blog then you’re your own boss. You can make all effective decisions by yourself. As a women blogger, you can fly with your own wings and share your knowledge to the world. In return, you can easily make money from blogging.

Blogging is a virtual business that anyone can do even if you have no idea about blogging.

Many stay at home moms start a blog and make it as a profitable blog by sharing their knowledge and experience.

Blogging helps you to make money online even when you sleep. This is called passive income in the online world. You can earn money from blogging as a woman, residing anywhere in the world.

Keep in mind, you can’t earn the first day you start your blog. You need to work hard with dedication in order to make money blogging.

Here is the step-by-step guide to start a blog and make money.

4. Earn Money from Moderator Jobs

There are many housewives who are making money from moderating groups and forums jobs from home. You do not need any prior experience to earn from moderator jobs.

If you’ve been using social media networks or as a member with social groups like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and so on, you might have heard of the role admin or moderator. If not, no problem, moderator or admin are persons who manage a forum or group in the social media networks.

What is the role of Moderator / Admin?

As an admin, you’re responsible for approving comments, new members and removing toxic users. Overall, you’re the boss of any particular group of a social media account or forum.

You can easily manage your tasks through mobile phone or laptop. The best part of moderator jobs for women is, you can manage anywhere in the world and you can support your family as well.

If you’re able to manage many accounts then you’ve many opportunities to make money from moderator jobs online.

Best sites to get moderator / admin jobs:

5. Freelance Writing Jobs for Women

There are many fantastic reasons to choose writing as your profession. Anyone start writing job without having prior experience. If you’re able to read and write English clearly, you can easily earn from freelance writing jobs from home.

The best part of a freelance writing job is, you never get bored as you only choose your writing career.

Another reason to choose online freelance writing jobs for women is, you’ll get more topics to write. There are many companies and people are waiting to hire freelance writers like you.

On all of the above, writing jobs are more flexible and you can do in your free hours based on your convenience.

If you love passionate writing then freelance writing jobs are the perfect job for women to earn from home.

Best sites to find freelance writing jobs for women:





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6. Online Tutoring Jobs for Homemakers

Are you an expert in the field and able to teach others? If yes, you can easily make money by teaching others online. Tutoring jobs are one of the top paying home based online jobs for housewives.

There are few online tutoring companies which may ask you a bachelor’s degree at least to start online tutoring. Few tutoring sites, won’t ask any degree to join as an online tutor.

Many housewives are making money by teaching others online from their home comfort.

Earnings from online tutoring jobs are based on the subject and time spent will decide. The top sites for online tutoring jobs are,





7. Virtual Assistance

One of the most wanted jobs in the online world is virtual assistant jobs.

The best part of VAs job is, the employer won’t from where you’re working remotely, your age and Geo location. Even they’ll not bother about your experience.

Many Women make money from Virtual Assistant job online from home. As a VA, you can make money by completing the simple tasks like,

  • Event management
  • Mail Composing and Responding
  • Scheduling and arranging meetings
  • Handling customers
  • Remote support and more

Virtual assistance is the perfect job for women as it gives the complete freedom and flexibility to work from home and make money.

Best websites for housewives to find virtual assistant jobs:





8. Taking Surveys and Make Money

One of the super easy ways to stay at home moms to make money from home is participate in paid surveys. There are many housewives who are earning regular income from online survey jobs.

You’re not going to spend a complete day on surveys. You need to spend at least 2-3 hours in a day and you can make at least $500 – $600 per month.

Many homemakers are earnings from paid surveys from home. Paid surveys are one of the best online jobs for housewives without investment.

Best online survey jobs sites for housewives:


Survey Junkie


9. Teaching English to Chinese (Students – Kids)

Ever thought to become a teacher? Well, now you can easily become an English teacher by teaching English for the students in China.

You’re going to teach English to the Chinese students through an online live classroom. Many housewives who are proficient in English make money from teaching English.

All you need is, you must have a laptop with a stable internet connection and mic and speaker.

If you’re prior experience in English teaching then you’ve more opportunities to earn more money as a housewife by teaching English.

Teaching English is one of the popular online jobs for housewives and stay at home moms.

Highest paying sites for housewives for teaching English:





10. Freelance Editing and Proofreading jobs for stay at home moms

If writing is not your choice then you mix up the things and do freelance writing and proofreading jobs as an alternative.

Proofreading is one of the best jobs for a housewife, as she can do this job when she has free hours.

If you want to make money as a housewife in proofreading and freelance editing job, you must have sound knowledge in English grammar with precision.

Most of the freelance sites will ask you to do proofreading online. Based on the output they’ll offer you freelance editing / proofreading opportunities online.

Top sites to get proofreading / freelance editing jobs for housewives:




11. Testing & Reviewing Websites

One of the easiest online jobs for housewife is to test, review and surf websites. If you’re a homemaker and want to earn money online easily from online then I would strongly suggest you join below sites.

New and big companies like to know their business websites status and like to improve their websites now and then. They hire people like you to check their websites and improve the same based on the feedback they get from.

Your feedback is more essential for them and this will help them to fix the issues in their websites and also help to get more visitors to their websites.

New websites always welcome many visitors to check the user experience, website traffic, bandwidth, speed to make the website great.

This is one of the best work from home jobs for housewives and do not need any education background to test websites.

Best sites to join website testing and reviewing jobs:







12. Copywriting jobs for stay-at-home jobs

One of the simple jobs for women at home is Copywriting jobs where you do not need prior experience or education qualification.

Copywriting jobs are one of the best jobs for women, as they need to create ads and sales letters for the product companies.

Copywriting jobs are not like traditional writing jobs, it’s like a letter writing job (letter to a friend).

Best websites for copywriting jobs:





13. Social Media Manager

Are you hanging on social media networks most of the time? If so, social media manager jobs is the best online jobs for stay-at-home moms.

Many moms are making money for managing a company’s social media accounts effectively.

If you’re able to help the businesses to bring more visitors to their business website then you can become a successful social media marketer. You don’t need any degree in order to join this job.

Both jobs are the top work from home jobs for housewives and they can make money from their free hours.

Top places to join social media manager jobs:



The Social Element


14. Online Transcriptionist Jobs for Women

As a transcriptionist, your job role would be you need to listen to audio and write out what you hear. Online transcriptionist jobs are one of trending online jobs for housewives.

You do not need to have any special degree or prior experience to become a successful online transcriptionist. Ensure that you’ve sound knowledge in reading and writing English properly.

Having typing skills and good listening skills is an add-on advantage to get more money from a transcriptionist job.

What do you need in order to make money as an online transcriptionist?

Laptop or Desktop

Foot Pedal

Transcription Software

Grammar Checker Tool

Time Tracking Software

15. Data Entry Jobs for Housewives

One of the common online jobs for work at home moms is data entry jobs.

Many housewives already started and new moms will start online data entry jobs for two major reasons.

It’s easy to start.

They didn’t know OR were not interested in starting any other job in the list.

I would agree with the second reason as most of the housewives want to earn money easily.

It’s true that most of the data entry jobs are repetitive and predictable. However, if you like those kinds of jobs then data entry jobs are the best online jobs for a housewife.

As a data entry operator, you need to move or enter data from one format to another. There is no specific skill required to join data entry jobs for housewife.

Knowing computer skills is an add-on advantage to making more money from data entry job.

The best sites to join data entry jobs for housewives:


Amazon mTurk



Final Words on Home Based Online Jobs for Housewives

It’s your turn to choose the best work from home jobs for housewives. I’m sure; you like independence, freedom, and want to make money as a housewife.

All these online jobs are waiting for your grab them and start making money as a housewife.


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