Let’s say you do not have your Facebook backup data, if your Facebook account is hacked, deleted or disabled. In this guide, you will learn how to backup Facebook data. Just imagine the impact, you could potentially lose lots of stuff which is very important to you. This article shows how to take backup of Facebook data.

I would agree, you may have some of it backed up, such as your pictures, but there are lots of historical posts / chats that you might want to keep for posterity. It is good to have a backup of your Facebook data for legal reasons, in case you are ever involved in a dispute where someone posted something offensive on your wall and then deleted it.

If you made a backup before they removed the post to cover their tracks, then they will only have the ability to delete what is on the live site, and not what you have backed up.

how to backup Facebook data
Backup Facebook Data

Facebook backup includes

• Your profile info.
• Wall posts and content that you and your friends have posted to your profile.
• Photos and videos that you have uploaded into your account.
• Your friend list details.
• Notes you have created.
• Events.
• Your sent and received messages.
• Any comments that you and your friends have made on your Wall posts, photos, and other profile content.

How to backup Facebook data?

Here is a quick and easy procedure to backup all the Facebook items mentioned above:

1. Login to your Facebook account.

2. Click the “Account” drop-down menu located in the top-right corner of your Facebook page.

3. Click on “Account Settings”.

4. From the “Settings” tab, Look for the line that says   “Download a Copy of your Facebook data” and click the link.

5. Look for the line that says “Download Your Information” and click “Start My Archive”. It will ask you to re-enter your Facebook password to proceed.

6. Click the “Download” button on the page that follows.
After you click “Download”, you will receive a Facebook pop-up message stating that they are “gathering” all your information into a ZIP formatted file for you to download. The message says it may take a while and that they will send you an email when the file is ready to be downloaded.

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You can now download copies of posts, videos and chat conversations to your PC. If you want to close your FB account, you can easily retain that data and also should your account ever be compromised, you have it all.
I hope this article will help you how to backup Facebook data with simple steps.