You might have heard or read that you can make money by referring people to buy products online. Referring others to make a sale online is called “affiliate marketing“. Today, I’ll walk you through how to start affiliate marketing in India in 2021. This guide is completely for beginners who like to set up affiliate marketing in India without investment or minimal investment.

Many affiliate marketers in India are making regular passive income from the eCommerce sites in India. There are many popular affiliate networks like Amazon, FlipKart, ShareASale, eBay, Snapdeal and more affiliate programs in India to help people to make primary or secondary income.

Before getting into affiliate marketing in India, you must learn affiliate marketing basics in order to set up affiliate marketing effectively in India. Keep in mind, making money from affiliate marketing will not happen overnight. You need to dedicate, work hard with patience in order to make money from affiliate programs in India.

What is Affiliate Marketing and How It Works?

Affiliate marketing is an easy way to make money by referring others to buy a product or service. If a product sale happens through your referral or recommendation then you’ll get commission. This is called “affiliate commission”. There are many successful affiliate marketers in India making millions of dollars from affiliate marketing business in India.

  • Find the best product or service to promote.
  • Identify the best affiliate program to get affiliate partnership to promote your favorite product.
  • Get the affiliate links and banners to place your blog, website or social media accounts to get more visitors to know about the products.
  • Start a blog to promote your product.
  • Make use of social media networks, Email marketing methods and SMS to reach more target audiences.
  • Get affiliate commission when sales happen through your affiliate links (recommendation or reference).

Growth and Feature of Affiliate Marketing in India

Affiliate marketing has crossed many obstacles in its way during the initial stage. However in recent years, this industry has grown greatly in India and all around the world.

Based on the report, affiliate marketing in India will be achieved eight times more in growth like $835 million by 2025 from $96 million in 2016.

According to the statistics, the major part of online sales will be done through affiliate marketing only. The big countries like India, this field are an unavoidable way of business online.

Besides, affiliate marketing in India is growing enormously, because affiliate marketing business is very open and there are no hidden costs. The best part of affiliate marketing is, anyone can start affiliate marketing in India without any investment or prior knowledge in this field.

affiliate marketing in India
how to start affiliate marketing in India

How To Start Affiliate Marketing in India?

We’ve made simple step-by-step tutorial to learn how to start affiliate marketing business in India. You do not need to have prior experience, technical knowledge or coding knowledge in order to start affiliate marketing online business in India.

Step 1: What is your product (topic or niche) to promote?

The most important task before getting into the affiliate marketing world, you need to be more clear on the product which you are going to promote. Make sure that you’ve strong knowledge on the products which you would like to promote. If not, try to gather all information about the product or service you want to promote through affiliate marketing.

Remember, I would strongly recommend you to focus on a single topic or niche when you decide what to promote. Targeting on a single topic or product is the best way to attract the target audience easily through your website or blog.

I hope you might have decided your favorite topic to promote.

How will you promote the affiliate products to make money from affiliate marketing in India?

You should have a medium to promote the products to make affiliate commission. The popular ways to do affiliate marketing through,

  1. Blogging (start a blog and promote your product)
  2. Email Marketing
  3. Social Media

Out of these 3 methods to promote the products, Blogging is a successful way to start affiliate marketing and make money.

Step 2: Start a Blog to Promote Affiliate Products

You’ve chosen your favorite product or service or topic to promote. So, it’s time to create a website or blog in order to write valuable content about the product you’re going to make money by selling it.

Blogging is the most popular and trusted way to promote affiliate products. There are many successful bloggers making huge money by promoting affiliate products through their blogs. You’ll realize very soon that owning a blog is the foundation of starting an online business.

You can get a free domain name when you register hosting with Bluehost(uploading data like product images and videos).

Here is a beginner’s guide to start a blog in India to set up affiliate marketing.

Step 3: Get Partnership with Affiliate Programs

I hope you might have started your blog or website in order to promote the products. One of the most important parts of starting an affiliate marketing business in India is, you need to sign up with the best affiliate programs in India.

The affiliate programs should be most popular, trusted you must get higher affiliate commission when you make sales through your blog or reference. Read reviews of affiliate programs in India and decide the best affiliate programs for you to make money.

Once you’ve selected the best affiliate networks, you need to apply for “affiliate” or “partner” with them. They’ll ask for your website address, email address, name and few more details during the application process. If they’re satisfied with your blog or website then they’ll approve you to promote their products through your blog or website. Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to make money form blog in India.

Step 4: Choose a Single Product or Multiple Products

Based on your target audience and target niche (product), you need to decide how to promote the products.

We’ve seen that many affiliates in India will write several topics in their blog with different categories to promote multiple products.

Few affiliates target only a single product, so they’ll dedicate and write content only about that particular product.

It’s your turn to decide how you are going to choose the products to promote.

Below are the popular affiliate programs in India to promote.

1. ShareASale

From my experience, ShareASale is the number one affiliate program for beginners in India and all around the world. There are many affiliate products available to promote for beginners. If you want to see some instant money from affiliate marketing business in India then I would suggest you to join with ShareASale.

Join ShareASale

2. Amazon

Amazon is one of the popular and largest affiliate networks in India which started affiliate marketing in 2013. Since then, Amazon is the leading affiliate program in India and there are many Indian affiliates making affiliate commissions up to 12% on a regular basis.

Join Amazon Affiliate Program

3. VCommission

One of the top paying affiliate programs in India for beginners is “vCommission”. This Indian affiliate network has over 18,000 affiliates and it’s growing dramatically. You can get good percentage for each sale happens through your affiliate link. It has many affiliate methods like CPC, CPL, CPI and CPA offers to make money.

Join vCommission

4. FlipKart

One of the best affiliate marketing companies in India is “FlipKart”. There are many affiliates from India making passive income from this network. FlipKart is loaded with a wide range of products where affiliates can get more affiliate commission.

Join FlipKart

Step 5: Who is my affiliate network?

Now you’ve got approved to run the affiliate products through your blog or website. Based on your interest and knowledge choose the products to promote via your blog.

As we said above, you have partnered with the popular affiliate programs. Most of the programs listed in those affiliate networks are pre-approved, if not, request the affiliate manager to get approval in order to place their product banner or link on your blog.

If you’re a beginner in affiliate marketing then I would suggest you to start with ShareASale or Amazon where you’ll get step by step support to start with.

Step 6: Create Content about Your Product

Writing the quality and valuable content is the only way to promote your product to the right and target audience. Your content should be clearer and make your readers understand why they buy your products. Your content has to encourage your readers to buy.

There are few popular types of content which works well in affiliate marketing.

How-To Articles: “How to” guide teaches your readers why they need to purchase your product. How articles make more sense to your audience to make more sales. The “how-to” tutorials will make more natural sales. For example, how to lose weight in 30 days? This question may help you promote many relevant products through your blog.

Product Review Articles: Review articles have more details and discussion about the features of the products and feedback from the consumers. I would strongly suggest you write a review article after you personally tested the products. Product review articles are the best way to make more affiliate sales.

Comparison Blogs: Writing comparison of products will help the readers to know more about features, pros and cons of the two products. Comparison blogs help you make more sales.

Products List Article: One of the tactics to make more affiliate sales is, writing product Listicles articles of different products under one category.

Discount Articles: Most of the Indian affiliates are making more money from the discount articles. You need to be more active when you’re writing discount articles on your blog. You have to be updated on the sites to know more about deals and discounts which brings more sales.

Benefits of Doing Affiliate Marketing in India

There are many benefits of affiliate marketing in India and we’ve listed below the top benefits of affiliate marketing business in India.

You’re selling other products through your blog or website which can avoid big stress of creating your own product or selling it.

You do not need to worry about stocking the products, maintaining inventory, packing and delivery to your customer’s doorstep.

The only tasks to get visitors or customers to buy the products listed in your blog and rest will be done by the third party suppliers.

You do not need to invest to start affiliate marketing in India. 3rd Party sellers will take care of everything.

There are many affiliate networks that pay up to 70-80% commission for sales. Many Indian affiliate marketers are making huge money from this business.

Affiliate marketing is one the best methods of passive income. You need to work hard in the initial stage and you’ll start making money even when you sleep.

Affiliate marketing business makes many people feel financially independent. Also it gives freedom of quitting day time 9-5 job.

Top Websites to Start Affiliate Marketing in India

There are many popular affiliate marketing sites that help Indians to start affiliate marketing business. However, we’ve personally tested and found below are some famous affiliate network programs in India.

  1. FlipKart
  2. ShareASale
  3. eBay
  4. vCommission
  5. FlexOffers
  6. AdmitAd
  7. HostGator
  8. Godaddy
  9. Rakuten
  10. Payoom
  11. Optimise
  12. DGM India
  13. MakeMyTrip

What Kind of Products are Good to Promote through Affiliate Marketing in India?

Keep in mind, affiliate marketing is the best place to promote any kind of product you want.

Your affiliate commission will be varied based on the products you’re promoting. In general, there are two types of affiliate products to promote. Those are selling products and others are selling services.

If you compare both types of affiliate product, you’ll get more affiliate commissions when you promote service related products.

In products related affiliate marketing, you’ll get less affiliate commission, as the 3rd party vendors have to maintain inventory, product manufacturing cost, storage, package and delivery of the product will be more expense.

I would strongly suggest my readers to start affiliate marketing in India with the service related products. For example, programming software, email marketing services, hosting services will give you more affiliate commissions.

The best part of service related affiliate products, you’ll have more opportunities to get recurring commission until the customers use the products in their lifetime.

Final Thoughts to Start Affiliate Marketing Business in India

People may think to start affiliate marketing in India as a secondary or second income. If you do affiliate marketing successfully, it’ll be your primary income source for your lifetime.

I can say loudly that affiliate marketing is the top way to make money from the internet if you compare other ways to earn money online. You’re not going to set up a store to stock the products.

All you need to do is, start a blog and get affiliate partnership with the top affiliate networks in India and promote their products and get more commissions and enjoy your life. Never miss this best online jobs from home in India.

I hope you’ll surely get benefited from my article. Thanks for reading and please share this article.