How to Block Lost or Stolen Mobile

It’s Common for all that sometimes you lost your mobile in the bus, train or may be on your way to home. How to block lost or stolen mobile ? Here is the simple step to recover your lost mobile.

In worst case, you might also been Robbed by a pickpocket or you missed your mobile in a crowded shopping mall. It is highly recommended that you should inform your customer support network provider to avoid misusing of your mobile phone.

By informing the customer care prevent from bearing further trouble in terms getting a huge mobile bill and or robber can even use your phone for misdeed.

How to Block Lost or Stolen Mobile

How to Block Lost or Stolen Mobile

How to Block Lost or Stolen Mobile using IMEI number

1. It is highly advisable that you keep your mobile phone’s serial number in a accessible place which would help in this circumstances.

2. Touch or Press *#06# on your mobile to access your mobile IMEI number / serial number .

3. Most of the mobiles have the serial numbers written besides of your mobile battery.

4. Now, using your mobile serial number your mobile network operator can easily block your mobile phone.

5. If can be reactivated if you recover your lost mobile.

This is the simple way to block your lost or stolen mobile.